2012 NBA Finals: Heat at Thunder Game 1 Odds

Lebron James vs Kevin Durant. Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder. The 2012 NBA Finals’ edition will have, arguably, the two best players in the game, and it seems like there’s not a better matchup for fireworks than these two explosive teams. Game one of the finals is this Tuesday at 9 PM ET at Chesapeake Energy Arena.

2012 NBA Finals: Heat at Thunder Game 1 OddsThese two teams met twice in the regular season, with one win each; however, when the Heat won at home, the game was played in a championship level scenario, with both teams understanding that the playoffs were just days away.

Miami came back from an 11 point deficit at some point in the game, but they rallied back to win 98-93 in a thrilling match. The game was most physical that people remember, but it wasn’t that surprising as these two squads could go from small ball finest basketball to a hard hitting explosive mantra in a second.

“We could have played a lot stronger,” Durant said, “but you have to give credit to Miami.”

“It was a physical game,” Thunder coach Scott Brooks mentioned that night. “I like that. I’m sure they like it. Neither team backed down.”

Both teams beat teams that weren’t unable to get their pace, but in the finals, it will be other story. Running up and down the court won’t give any of them a huge advantage; because both match well with each other, but having a good half court offense, and moving the ball to take the best shot could be the difference that’s why I like the Thunder.

The Thunder is 5 point favorite in the NBA lines for game one. Take OKC to cover.

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