2012/13 NBA Futures: Title Odds (After Nash Trade)

The Miami Heat was recently celebrating their second franchise title, and just as game five ended people were already making moves and predictions about the new season coming in a few months.

Free agency period in the NBA just started a few days ago, and the frenzy already begun with optional/fake trades and the estimation that we are in a new era of super teams.

The Brooklyn Nets made the major moves signing Joe Johnson and Deron Williiams, but also trying to see how they land Dwight Howard.

The Miami Heat faces a possible retirement from three point shooters Mike Miller and James Jones that’s why they went and signed veteran Ray Allen, who gives the squad a massive change of repeating in 2013.

2012/13 NBA Futures: Title Odds (After Nash Trade)However, the biggest move of the summer, yet, if for the Los Angeles Lakers who gave up all possibility of a future for the 38 years old point guard Steve Nash, who is clearly chasing a ring.

These are the most recent 2012/13 NBA Title Odds post-Nash-trade:

Miami Heat 2 to 1
OKC Thunder 3 to 1
Chicago Bulls 7 to 1
Los Angeles Lakers 8 to 1
San Antonio Spurs 10 to 1
Dallas Mavericks 15 to 1
Boston Celtics 20 to 1
Indiana Pacers 20 to 1
Los Angeles Clippers 25 to 1
Memphis Grizzlies 30 to 1
York Knicks
30 to 1
40 to 1
Orlando Magic 40 to 1
Jersey Nets
40 to 1
60 to 1
Philadelphia 76ers 60 to 1
Houston Rockets 80 to 1
Milwaukee Bucks 100 to 1
Minnesota T-Wolves 100 to 1
Phoenix Suns 100 to 1
Portland Blazers 100 to 1
Utah Jazz 100 to 1
Washington Wizards 100 to 1
Cleveland Cavaliers 120 to 1
New Orleans Hornets 120 to 1
Sacramento Kings 120 to 1
Toronto Raptors 120 to 1
Detroit Pistons 130 to 1
GS Warriors 130 to 1
Charlotte Bobcats 150 to 1

A few notes:

Lakers were 12 to 1, now 8 to 1 after Nash trade.

Suns were 60 to 1, now 100 to 1.

Nets were 100 to 1, now 40 to 1.

Heat were 3 to 1 (and tied with OKC), now favorites at 2 to 1.

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