NBA Odds – What Now (and Where to) for the 2017 ASG?

Just when we thought that Kevin Durant was running away with “villain of the year,” the Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory, has not only entered the race, but he’s got his eyes on the prize.

Ok, so my timeline may not exactly add up, since McCrory signed House Bill 2 on March 23, making it an official law in the state of North Carolina. Kevin Durant hadn’t betrayed Oklahoma City at that point. But you see what I’m saying: McCrory is not very popular right now, and his notoriety stems from more legitimate reasons than opting to sign with a 73-win team.

North Carolina’s disgustingly discriminatory “bathroom” law, which dictates which bathrooms transgendered individuals are permitted to use, attacks the rights of the LGBT community, preventing them from suing others when their most basic human rights have been violated.

Bruce Springsteen was one of the first big-names to stand-up against HB2 by cancelling a scheduled show in North Carolina. The Boss has been joined by some powerful members of the sports community in condemning the law; both Mike Krzyzewski and Michael Jordan have spoken out against it, as well.

Some states and major cities have even banned all non-essential travel to North Carolina for government employees.

This week, the NBA joined the fight by pulling the 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte. The move has been supported by many, including San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich.

The shameful law is costing the entire state a lot of money. The $100 million in revenue that the NBA’s All-Star weekend was set to bring in will now be going elsewhere.

Who’s going to reap the benefits of North Carolina’s bigotry? What’s the next event that will flee from McCrory’s intolerance? And how is the 2017 ASG going to play out? Get the odds for all that and more, below!

2017 NBA All-Star Weekend Props

Odds North Carolina will lose ____ due to HB2:

A PGA event: 1/3
McCrory’s despicable politics: 2/5
Millions in federal funding: 6/7
More Duke home games: 5/4
NBA Summer League games: 2/1
Professional sports home games: 9/1
John Coltrane’s International Jazz & Blues Festival: 15/1
Their sovereignty as a state: 125/1

If nothing else, I hope the money lost will be enough to overturn the abhorrent law. If the NFL takes a stand and refuses to play games in the state of North Carolina, you can bet there’ll be a lot of pissed off citizens.

Odds on the longevity of HB 2:

Less than six months: 1/1
Six months to a year: 2/1
More than a year: 5/1
Forever: 1,000/1

Late-October would mark six months, and all major North American sports will be either underway or set to begin at that point. Fingers crossed.

Odds Donald Trump will support HB 2: 3/4

We could get an inside scoop by asking Melania, but it’s probably more efficient to just go straight to Michelle Obama.

Odds on Pat McCrory being re-elected: 5/3

McCrory is up for re-election in November. He had been trailing his Democratic challenger in most polls thanks, in large part, to the bathroom law. But North Carolina is a pretty red state and he’s battling back (unfortunately). Still, as the law’s supporters start to feel the financial effects, I see him losing ground again.

Odds on Pat McCrory and Adam Silver playing one-on-one with the location of the all-star game at stake: 150/1

Isn’t this the way all politics should be resolved?

Odds on who would win that game of one-on-one:

Adam Silver: 2/3
Pat McCrory: 3/2

Give me the 6’2″ commish in this one.

Odds on which city gets the 2017 NBA All-Star Game:

New Orleans: 3/2
Las Vegas: 9/1
New York: 9/1
Houston: 12/1
Philadelphia: 25/1

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf presented his best sales pitch to the NBA to bring the game to Philadelphia. For those who didn’t follow the link, that previous statement was very sarcastic. You got Ben Simmons; now is not the time to get greedy, Philly.

All signs are pointing to New Orleans hosting the event for the third time.

Odds on Pokemon Go still being relevant in 2017: 1/9

Pokemon was a fad in the 90s that never really went away, but now it’s more popular than ever thanks to the Pokemon Go app. The fact that people are now going on Pokedates is rather alarming to me.

Odds on an Onix dunking over a Pikachu during the 2017 NBA All-Star weekend: 18/1

Onix doesn’t have any arms, but is over 28 feet tall. I’m sure it’ll find a way. Besides, last time I checked, I didn’t see “rim-protector” listed in Pikachu’s bio.

Odds on who takes the most shots at the 2017 NBA ASG (now that Kobe is retired):

Russell Westbrook: 3/4
Field: 4/3

Westbrook already holds the record for most shots attempted at an All-Star Game with 28. Plus, he’ll be used to putting up 30 shots a night without Kevin Durant holding him back in Oklahoma City.

Odds on Kobe making an appearance at the 2017 NBA ASG: 4/7

Is it still an invitation if the letter was sent from yourself?

Odds to be unjustly voted into the 2017 NBA ASG:

Dwyane Wade: 5/8
Dwight Howard: 7/4
Rajon Rondo: 3/1
DeAndre Jordan: 9/1
Kobe Bryant: 75/1

Dwight Howard is not an All-Star, period. Also, Dwyane Wade is not the same player anymore, but will make it based on reputation. Has anyone seen Rondo take a shot in the last five years?

I’m not sure how, but something tells me Kobe will find a way to get himself onto the ballet. Then we just have to worry about how many times he can vote for himself.

Odds on who will be snubbed:

By Christopher Johnson from Tokyo, Japan (IMG_5828_2) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Christopher Johnson from Tokyo, Japan (IMG_5828_2) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Jonas Valanciunas: 3/5
Dirk Nowitzki: 1/1
Kevin Durant: 7/4
Derrick Rose: 3/1
Damian Lillard: 9/1

The Raptors’ big-man does not get enough credit for how dominant he is with the ball in the post. I’m sure everyone in Toronto would like him to be that way on the defensive end too, but they’re Canadian, so they won’t complain too much.

People are really pissed at Durant, and it may reflect in All-Star voting. That’ll teach him.

Odds on the Knicks and Warriors leading their respective conferences at the All-Star break: 5/2

If you remove one team from that sentence, the odds get significantly shorter. I’m not suggesting the Knicks aren’t a good team, but I’m not sure if they sit atop the Eastern Conference hierarchy. Just don’t say that to Derrick Rose.

Odds on Zach LaVine three-peating in the dunk contest: 5/2

Not to take away from his awe-inspiring dunks, but he was lucky to win last year. Plus, no one has ever won it three-consecutive years.

Odds on Aaron Gordon being robbed again in the dunk contest: 7/1

Can he just role footage of his performance in last year’s contest?

Odds on one of the Splash Brothers winning the three-point shootout: 2/3

Two years ago the title belonged to Steph Curry, but Klay Thompson was able to oust his teammate last year. Would you bet against them?

Odds someone breaks the single-round record of 27 in the three-point shootout: 6/1

Who owns this record? You guessed it, Steph and Klay share the honor, and they are the only two with a chance of breaking it. The odds would remain as are if you substituted “Splash Brothers” for “someone.”

2017 NBA All-Star Weekend O/Us

Over/Under total Pokemon caught during All-Star weekend: 1,000,000.5

Will anyone even be watching the actual game? How great would it be to see a Mew (is that one still rare?) appear at half-court during the game? Sadly, it would probably be the most excitement the game has seen in years.

Over/under total score: 360.5

De-fense! De-fense!

Over/under total Warriors playing for the West: 3.5

Golden State sent three players last year; does Draymond Green get bumped with Durant’s arrival?

Over/Under total 76ers playing for the East: 0.5

Ben Simmons should probably get Governor Wolf to start the campaign now.

Over/Under total box-outs by defensive players: 5.5

That’s assuming Russell Westbrook sees Kevin Durant near him after a shot goes up. Otherwise, the total shrinks.

Over/Under total letters penned to Kobe from Kobe: 2.5

We all know he’s got at least one more in him. The biggest question is what version of himself will write it.

Over/Under total losses for the Warriors before the All-Star break: 3.5

They set an NBA record last year with only four losses at the break; can they top it this year?

(Photo Credit: By Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA (Adam Silver) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.)


Perry is a regular contributor to MTS and a die-hard Broncos fan. Yes, he does remember the five Super Bowl losses, but likely remembers all your teams shortcomings, too. Consider yourself warned. Though his love for the Broncos may seem unconditional, Mr. Port never mixes his emotions with gambling.

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