NBA All-Star Game Odds

The NBA’s All-Star weekend is right around the corner (Feb. 14-16). The best the Association has to offer – plus Kobe Bryant – will be on full display over the three-day affair. Fans will be treated to endless highlight reel dunks and zero defense as East meets West.

This year’s game is being played north of the border in Toronto. For some reason, Canada chose two of its bigger national embarrassments to host the event: Drake and Bieber. Ok, fine, both are massive stars and both love basketball. But I really think they should have gone with Gordon Lightfoot or Berg from Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place.

Hosting choices aside, All-Star weekend figures to be a ton of fun. From the dunk contest to the three-point shootout to the celebrity game, there’s something for everyone (to have on in the background as they wait for real basketball to start again).

Who’s going to crack the ASG lineups? How many points are going to be scored? And who’s going to have the (objectively) best outfit? I set the odds for all things all-star, below.


2016 NBA All-Star Game Odds:

Odds to be voted into the 2016 NBA ASG starting lineup:

Kobe Bryant: 1/5

Steph Curry: 1/4

LeBron James: 1/4

Kevin Durant: 1/3

Russell Westbrook: 1/3

Blake Griffin: 1/1

Kyrie Irving: 6/5

Andre Drummond: 7/4

Kawhi Leonard: 7/4

Carmelo Anthony: 3/2

Kyle Lowry: 3/2

Chris Paul: 5/1


Over/under on the total number of points in the 2016 NBA ASG: 302.5


Over/under on the number of charges taken in the 2016 NBA ASG: 0.5


Odds to win the 2016 Slam Dunk Contest (assuming participation):

Zach Lavine: 3/2 [Word is that Lavine is going to defend his title!]

Terrence Ross: 2/1 [The hometown hero won in 2013.]

Andrew Wiggins: 3/1 [Now would be a perfect time for the high-flying Canadian to show off his skills.]

Giannis Antetokounmpo: 5/1

DeAndre Jordan: 6/1


Odds to be named “Best Dressed” (by me) at the 2016 NBA ASG:

Dwyane Wade: 1/1

LeBron James: 3/1

James Harden: 100/1

Craig Sager: 200/1

Paul George: 500/1

No one: 2/1


(Photo credit: Christopher Johnson [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.)


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