NBA Betting – Midseason Odds on Almost Everything!

HawksMilsapLessTallThe NBA returns from its All-Star hiatus on Thursday. The first part of the year was full of surprises, from the upstart Hawks rolling to a 43-11 record to the disappointing Nuggets sitting 13 games below .500.

Each team has roughly 30 games left and there are numerous pressing questions still to be answered, questions like:

Is Atlanta a legitimate title contender? Will LeBron win a fifth MVP? Which disappointing team will be the next to part ways with its head coach?

Since no one wants to wait weeks and/or months for the answers to those captivating queries, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to look inside our Magic 8 Ball and set the odds on all of the above and, oh, so much more.

Odds to win the 2015 NBA Title:

Golden State: 7-2

Cleveland: 4-1

San Antonio: 6-1

Atlanta: 7-1

Chicago: 8-1

Oklahoma City: 9-1

Memphis: 11-1

Dallas: 14-1

LA Clippers: 20-1

Houston: 22-1

Toronto: 26-1

Portland: 28-1

Washington: 35-1

Milwaukee: 140-1

Miami: 150-1

Phoenix: 165-1

New Orleans: 200-1

Charlotte: 325-1

Detroit: 325-1

Indiana: 350-1

Brooklyn: 500-1

Denver: 600-1

Utah: 650-1

Boston: 1000-1

Sacramento: 1500-1

Orlando: 5000-1

LA Lakers: 6000-1

Minnesota: 10000-1

New York: 10000-1

Philadelphia: 10000-1

Odds to win NBA MVP:

Stephen Curry (Golden State): 2-3

James Harden (Houston): 3-1

LeBron James (Cleveland): 7-2

Anthony Davis (New Orleans): 10-1

Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City): 15-1

Odds to win NBA Coach of the Year:

Mike Budenholzer (Atlanta): 3-2

Steve Kerr (Golden State): 3-2

David Joerger (Memphis): 15-1

Dwane Casey (Toronto): 15-1

David Blatt (Cleveland): 25-1

Odds to win Rookie of the Year:

Andrew Wiggins (Minnesota): 1-15

Nikola Mirotic (Chicago): 5-1

Efrid Peyton (Orlando): 12-1

Jusuf Nurkic (Denver): 15-1

KJ McDaniels (Philadelphia): 15-1

Odds to be the next coach fired:

Brian Shaw (Denver): 7-2

Scott Brooks (Oklahoma City): 5-1

Byron Scott (LA Lakers): 15-2

Monty Williams (New Orleans): 18-1

David Blatt (Cleveland): 25-1

Over/under on wins for George Karl with the Sacramento Kings for rest of season: 12.5

Odds to win the NBA Scoring Title:

James Harden (Houston): 2-3

LeBron James (Cleveland): 2-1 

Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City): 6-1

Anthony Davis (New Orleans): 10-1

Carmelo Anthony (New York): 10-1


Odds that the following players retire after the 2014-15 season:

Kevin Garnett (Brooklyn): 1-1

Jason Terry (Houston): 1-1

Paul Pierce (Washington): 3-2

Manu Ginobili (San Antonio): 2-1

Tony Parker (San Antonio): 5-2

Kobe Bryant (LA Lakers): 3-1

Tim Duncan (San Antonio): 3-1

Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas): 3-1

Amare Stoudemire (Free Agent): 5-1

Dwyane Wade (Miami): 5-1

LeBron James (Cleveland): 20-1


Keep an eye on our top dogs as the season progresses. Come back and lambaste us in the comments if we end up being off; but don’t forget to shower us with praise if (when) we’re not!

(Photo credit: By Keith Allison [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons. Photo may appear cropped.)


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