NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs Odds

The Eastern conference playoffs haven been set up for a while now, and the Miami Heat of course is the team to beat, but let’s take a look at all the odds for each of the eight teams.NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs Odds

Miami Heat -600: Lebron James, D-Wade and Chris Bosh defending the title, and oh yeah, Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis as this season’s new addition.Β  The Heat has the team to repeat.

Three NBA Finals in a row sounds very good for Lebron’s legacy.

New York Knicks +800: Carmelo Anthony was the best shooting around player in the entire league this season, which means he needs to lead this team to success.

I like the Knicks if they can find a way to play consistent defense with Melo and JR Smith as the center of the offense.

Indiana Pacers +1300: Most people don’t take the Pacers as true contenders, but they are the team that has the best chances of beating the Heat if they meet in a series.Β  A tight defense and the best rebounding group in the NBA help a lot.

Chicago Bulls +2500: The real chances for the Bulls to get to the NBA finals are slim without their star Derrick Rose, but at least they will give it a try.Β  Coach Tom Thibodeau is one of the most impressive coaching minds in the league and he will try to put his team in a position to win.

The rest:

Boston Celtics +3000

Brooklyn Nets +3000

Atlanta Hawks +10000

Milwaukee Bucks +15000

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