NBA Friday – Spurs vs Warriors Game 3

The Golden State Warriors had amnesia in game two and they came up swigging for the fences and stole game two.  Game three of their series against the Spurs will be Friday night at 10:30 PM ET.

NBA Friday – Spurs vs Warriors Game 3Most experts said the Warriors will have problems in game two, knowing the way game one ended, but they had no clue. Klay Thompson had a career high 34 points and Golden State won 100-91; their first win at San Antonio since 1997.

“I truly believe the trials and tribulations are transportation for where you’re going,” Warriors coach Mark Jackson said. “Game 1 made us better. We didn’t panic. We made plays. That’s a heck of a basketball team that’s extremely well-coached and has no quit in them. We don’t have any quit in us, either. The bottom line is we made the plays we needed to make.”

“Coach told us to have amnesia at halftime,” Curry said. “We’re a young team so that might help that we can forget about it and just keep playing and having fun, not worry about that 19-point lead getting cut to six. That’s going to happen; you’re on the road against a great veteran basketball team, so you can’t get too rattled.”

The Spurs had had tremendous problems stopping the Warriors shooters, and it seems as if the best team in the series wears yellow and no black.

“What happened in Game 1 wasn’t about their inexperience,” Manu Ginobili said. “It’s one of those things that happens very rarely. We shouldn’t have won that game. They came out hungrier and with more determination. They just did a much better job than us.”

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