NBA Picks: Clippers at Grizzlies Game 5

After two dramatics wins at home, the Los Angeles Clippers will look to close this deal on Wednesday when they visit the Memphis Grizzlies for game five of the series, at 9:30 PM ET.

Chris Paul was huge in the Clippers victory 101-97 on Monday; he scored eight of his 27 points in a tremendous overtime performance, and the Clips are one game away from winning a playoffs series in over 36 years.

“It’s fun; it’s exciting,” said Paul, who is the most experienced player on the team.

“The worst mistake I probably made in the game was not getting the shot at the end of regulation,” he added. “If I was at home watching it on TV, I’d be talking so bad about me. But you’ve got to get through it. The [best] thing about it is that I have teammates that have confidence in me. Everything that we do is a team win.”

NBA Picks: Clippers at Grizzlies Game 5Los Angeles had a 10 point lead closing the game, but it went away as Memphis pulled a furious comeback. “It’s Chris Paul. He made his name off doing that,” Rudy Gay said. “He’s a tough guard. We can try and make it tougher on him, but still he’s going to make plays and make his teammates better. That’s what he’s been doing.”

Blake Griffin was 7-10 shooting inside of 5 feet in Game 4 against the Grizzlies, and he has been money on the bank as he has now made 28 of his 33 field goals in the series from this range. Griffin had 30 point on Monday but was fouled out with 2:33 remaining in the fourth quarter.

Game five will be as close as the whole series has been; I’ll take Memphis in this one by not more than three points.

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