NBA Playoff and Awards Odds

Saturday brings the start of the 2015 NBA playoffs. There was a lot of movement on the last day of the regular season: the Pelicans officially ousted the Thunder from the playoff chase with a win over San Antonio; the Pacers fell out of the top eight thanks to a loss to the Grizzlies; and the defending champion Spurs fell from second to sixth in the Western Conference.

In the marquee first-round matchup, the Spurs are set to face the Clippers, with L.A. having home-court advantage.

The Clippers are favored in Game 1 at home, but as you’ll see below, the Spurs have much better odds to win the NBA Title (although they’re not as high as they would have been had they held onto a top-three seed).

With bucket-loads of playoff and post-season excitement ahead, we set the odds on all things NBA heading into the spring and summer months.

NBA playoff Odds:

NBA Title Odds:

  • Golden State Warriors: 2/1
  • Cleveland Cavaliers: 5/2
  • San Antonio Spurs: 7/2
  • Atlanta Hawks: 12/1
  • Chicago Bulls: 15/1
  • Los Angeles Clippers: 18/1
  • Houston Rockets: 25/1
  • Memphis Grizzlies: 25/1
  • Portland Trail Blazers: 40/1
  • Dallas Mavericks: 50/1
  • Toronto Raptors: 50/1
  • Washington Wizards: 66/1
  • New Orleans Pelicans: 100/1
  • Boston Celtics: 100/1
  • Brooklyn Nets: 150/1
  • Milwaukee Bucks: 250/1

NBA Finals MVP Odds:

  • Steph Curry (Golden State): 4/1
  • LeBron James (Cleveland): 4/1
  • Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio): 10/1
  • Klay Thompson (Golden State): 10/1
  • Tim Duncan (San Antonio): 12/1
  • Kyrie Irving (Cleveland): 27/2


NBA Awards Odds:

MVP Odds:

  • Steph Curry (Golden State): 1/2
  • James Harden (Houston): 3/1
  • Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City): 4/1
  • LeBron James (Cleveland): 20/1

Coach of the Year Odds:

  • Mike Budenholzer (Atlanta): 3/2
  • Steve Kerr (Golden State): 3/2
  • Gregg Popovich (San Antonio): 8/1
  • Steve Joerger (Memphis): 8/1
  • Brad Stevens (Boston): 15/1

Rookie of the Year Odds:

  • Andrew Wiggins (Minnesota): 1/9
  • Nerlens Noel (Philadelphia): 10/1
  • Elfrid Payton (Orando): 15/1
  • Nikola Mirotic (Chicago): 20/1

6th Man of the Year Odds:

  • Isaiah Thomas (Phoenix/Boston): 1/1
  • Lou Williams (Toronto): 3/2
  • Jamal Crawford (L.A. Clippers): 9/1
  • Marreese Speights (Golden State): 15/1
  • Taj Gibson (Chicago): 30/1


Coaching/Draft Odds:

Odds to be the No. 1 pick in the 2015 NBA Draft:

  • Jahlil Okafor (Duke): 5/6
  • Karl-Anthony Towns (Kentucky): 4/3
  • Emmanuel Mudiay (China): 4/1
  • D’angelo Russell (Ohio State): 10/1

Odds on which NCAA coach(es) will go to the NBA:

  • John Calipari (Kentucky): 3/2
  • Billy Donovan (Florida): 5/1
  • Fred Hoiberg (Iowa State): 5/1
  • Kevin Ollie (UConn): 8/1

Odds on which NBA coach will be fired first in the offseason:

  • Scott Brooks (Oklahoma City): 2/1
  • Byron Scott (L.A. Lakers): 5/2
  • Derek Fisher (New York): 5/2
  • Steve Clifford (Charlotte): 3/1
  • Brett Brown (Philadelphia): 5/1

(Photo credit: JoeJohnson2 (NBA_Trophy.png) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons. Photo has been cropped from its original.)


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