NBA Western Conference Playoffs Odds

The OKC Thunder seems poised to be in the NBA Finals again, but San Antonio, Denver and perhaps the LA Clippers might have something to say about it.Β  These are the Western Conference Odds for the 2013 NBA playoffs.

Thunder vs spurs in the west?Oklahoma City Thunder +110: Whatever the Thunder does in the postseason and how far they will go will depend in a large portion of what Russell Westbrook does with the ball.

If Westbrook can play solid basketball without looking selfish in the process, the Thunder will have both weapons (along with Kevin Durant) ready to shock the world. Good decisions or bad decision by Westbrook will change the road or the playoffs for OKC.

San Antonio Spurs +320: The Spurs ended the regular season leaving serious doubts on the floor.Β  They are experienced and might be ready for a first rounder against the Lakers, but they still have a lot of question about their health.

If Manu Ginobili is back the Spurs will have another gear in the postseason; if te Argentinean can’t make it back, it will be nearly impossible for San Antonio.

Denver Nuggets +600: Do you realize how hard is to win at the Pepsi Center? The Nuggets have a real home field advantage.

Also, they played the most exciting basketball that no one noticed over the last two months of the regular season.

Los Angeles Clippers +600: I liked the Clippers this season, I really did.Β  In fact, they are the team that I watched the most, but they are not suited to beat any of the teams mentioned above.

The Rest:

Memphis Grizzlies +800

Golden State Warriors +3000

Los Angeles Lakers +4000

Houston Rockets +4000

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