Updated 2016 NBA Title Futures – Aldridge spurs Spurs Surge

Awhile back, we gave you the early 2016 NBA Title futures.

Since then, the draft and free agency have turned a few teams upside down and inside out. As you can imagine, some those teams now look pretty gross. For others, inside out and backwards is actually an improvement – at least aesthetically.

While we won’t know for certain how the new-look teams will gel, we have a sense of the talent level that each squad will be bringing to the table in 2015-16, so it’s high-time that we took a new look at the 2016 NBA Title odds.

There has been a lot of movement, including among the upper-echelon teams (oh hi, San Antonio), but the previous top dogs – the Cleveland Cavaliers – remain the betting favorites, and not without reason.

The team recently re-signed LeBron James and Kevin Love. Even without Love for much of the 2015 playoffs, the Cavs were clearly the best team in the Eastern Conference. With the Hawks set to take a step back next year (thanks to the loss of DeMarre Carroll), Cleveland looks to have a relatively easy run to the finals, though they’ll face a Western powerhouse if/when they get there.

Speaking of Western powerhouses, Golden State reportedly locked up Draymond Green for another five years, keeping last year’s championship squad essentially intact and slight favorites out West. But, after signing one of the most coveted free agents in the form of LaMarcus Aldridge, the San Antonio Spurs are breathing down their neck. The Spurs now boast a starting five of Aldridge, Kawhi Leonard, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Danny Green.

Yeesh. That’s solid.

Here are our odds for all 30 teams now that most of the big-name free agents have found homes.

2016 NBA Title Odds (post-draft and most of free agency):

Cleveland Cavaliers: 5/2

Golden State Warriors: 4/1

San Antonio Spurs: 9/2

Oklahoma City Thunder: 8/1

Chicago Bulls: 15/1

Los Angeles Clippers: 18/1 [post-DeAndre Jordan news]

Houston Rockets: 20/1

Atlanta Hawks: 25/1

Memphis Grizzlies: 30/1

Dallas Mavericks: 32/1

New Orleans Pelicans: 35/1

Indiana Pacers: 40/1

Toronto Raptors: 40/1

Washington Wizards: 40/1

Miami Heat: 45/1

Milwaukee Bucks: 60/1

Boston Celtics: 75/1

Portland Trail Blazers: 80/1

Los Angeles Lakers: 90/1

Detroit Pistons: 100/1

Phoenix Suns: 100/1

Utah Jazz: 100/1

Brooklyn Nets: 125/1

Denver Nuggets: 125/1

Minnesota Timberwolves: 150/1

New York Knicks: 200/1

Sacramento Kings: 200/1

Charlotte Hornets: 250/1

Orlando Magic: 250/1

Philadelphia 76ers: 500/1


(Photo credit: Keith Allison (flickr) [https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/legalcode]. Photo has been cropped.)


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