The 2021-21 NBA season is well underway, with bookmakers focusing on four-time MVP winner LeBron James as he leads the pack across top-tier NBA betting sites offering NBA MVP odds.

MVP Winners OddsBovadaMyBookieBetUSBetOnline
Giannis Antetokounmpo+700+700+1000+750
Joel Embiid+800+800+800+900
James Harden+800+800+500+900
Lebron James+850+850+500+600
Kawhi Leonard+1200+1200+900+1100
Donovan Mitchell+1500+1500+1400+2500
Luka Doncic+4500+4500+2800+2800
Nikola Jokic+2500+2500TBA+3300
Damian Lillard+6600+6600+2500+3300

The 2021 NBA MVP betting odds are a hot topic among basketball fans, as they offer bettors the opportunity to follow their favorite players’ progress throughout the season, with a little extra clout in the game. 

At present, the leader in the 2021 NBA MVP odds is LeBron James who sits at +125 to add a fifth award to his trophy cabinet. But, with many unexpected NBA teams performing extremely well this season, it’s anyone’s guess who will get their hands on the big prize.

We have discussed the brilliance of James, but he hasn’t won the award since 2014. There are some great options available to bettors looking to bet on the NBA MVP, the likes of Nikola Jokic (+400) and Joel Embiid (+550), who has shone under the management of Doc Rivers this season.

While it’s the Jazz that is surprising everyone in the Western Conference this season, “The Joker” and his Nuggets are still putting on a great performance. Embiid is fulfilling his potential under new management and has helped his team to lead the Eastern Conference this year. But, will they be among the NBA finals MVP odds this season?

We’ll take a look at all NBA playoffs candidates and make some MVP picks based on the current MVP NBA betting odds. As well as that, we’ll provide information on how to bet on NBA finals MVP odds in 2021.


Who will be the 2021 NBA MVP?

As it stands, there are many in contention when placing a bet on NBA finals MVP and the regular season MVP. Steph Curry (+1000) was named consecutive MVP and sits fourth in line to pick up this year’s award, after returning from a broken hand he picked up back in the 2020 NBA season. His old teammate Kevin Durant (+1200) has been enjoying his time at the Brooklyn Nets, alongside James Harden and Kyrie Irving. 

Elsewhere, it’s one of the favorites from the start of the season Luka Doncic. One of the main reasons for the Slovenian dropping down the odds table is due to his team’s poor performance in the league this season. Doncic currently stands at +1300 to win, which is understandable given the lack of quality performances from Rick Carlisle’s men overall this season.

However, you can never count out Doncic. If he can angle his team towards the NBA Playoffs, anything could happen. His individual brilliance and the offensive manner in which his team plays, make for a fearsome combination even for the league’s best teams. 

However, it’s LeBron James who, in the 18th year of his career, will look to make it his fifth MVP award. The way in which he controls the tempo of the game and can single-handedly produce a performance that carries his team to the top makes him truly one of the best players around. We felt last year it was unfair that Giannis took the award ahead of him, as he did everything expected of an MVP, including winning his Conference and winning the NBA Championship.

With teammate and MVP candidate Anthony Davis (+10000) around him, anything is possible. Right now, James is averaging 25.8 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 8.1 assists per game. It’s no coincidence that the Lakers remain the team to beat in the NBA and LeBron is the main man in LA. 

Anthony Davis has shown to have great synergy with LeBron and has stepped up and performed when James hasn’t been playing as some might expect. But, for a good portion of the 2021 season, we haven’t seen much of Davis, which further solidifies any claim to the MVP title from the 4-time champion. If the Lakers go on to win it again this year, expect LeBron to get what he deserves and be crowned the 2021 NBA MVP.

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Who else could be the 2021 NBA MVP?

As we mentioned before it’s Nikola Jokic who is ascending at the moment. He opened the running at +3000, having missed out in the NBA Playoffs last season to the reigning champions the Lakers. Nonetheless, he has been pivotal to the success of this team in recent years and is the orchestrator out on the court. Now at +400, Jokic is in with a real chance of claiming the MVP title in 2021.

The Utah Jazz is atop of the Western Conference and there are certainly individuals in that team who are main contributors to the success of this team. Take, for example, Mitchell Donovan, who has 24.5 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 5.2 assists for the season. While these aren’t LeBron numbers, if Donovan and the Jazz continue on this trajectory, anything can happen. 


How to Read 2021 NBA MVP Odds

For bettors who are just learning how to bet on NBA MVP odds, you’ll notice at all of the best providers the odds are laid out as such: 

  • LeBron James +350 
  • Joel Embiid +400
  • Luka Doncic +525
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo +650

The main difference bettors will notice is that there is no underdog and favorite per se, as usually there is a “-” sign to indicate who is most likely to win. However, in these markets, the player with the lowest odds with a “+” sign is the favorite. 

Take for example the above odds, LeBron is the slight favorite over Joel Embiid, if a bettor placed a $100 stake on Embiid to win the NBA MVP, they would see a return of $500. This would break down as the original $100 wager, as well as the $400 in winnings from the bet.

This may seem obvious, but placing a bet on the NBA finals MVP will often be listed as a futures bet. But, why and what is a futures bet?


What is a Futures bet?

These types of bets as they’re described. A bet that is made based on events that will happen later down the line. In the case of the NBA MVP, odds will be displayed on the majority of sportsbook providers from the beginning of the season, with the odds changing as the regular season progresses.

With futures bets, it’s always worth going back to check the odds on players as the season unfolds. Oddsmakers will tinker with the odds throughout the season – you can keep track of the odds here!