Oregon vs Louisville Battle in March Madness

The Louisville Cardinals look to get one step closer to the final four as they take on the Oregon Ducks, this Friday at 7:15 PM ET.

Oregon vs Louisville Battle in March MadnessThe Cardinals entered the tournament as the number one favorites and they have delivered so far.Β  “I don’t want to put pressure on Rick and his guys, but they’re special,” Colorado State coach Larry Eustachy said. “They need a little luck like everybody does to win it all, but that’s as impressive team as I’ve been against, certainly.”

“We’ve seen them against North Carolina A&T and some other teams and kind of get prepared for it. But you see the bodies out there flying around and doing what they do, it’s a lot different,” Greg Smith said. “It’s just total chaos. Some of those guys are just so fast, and you may think that you have an open lane or you think the pass is coming, and they close it down so quick.”

The Cardinals are now 25-0 in the last two seasons when they score at least 24 points off turnovers in a game.

Oregon won’t be an easy target, but is as comfortable as it get in this part of the season.

“We just decided as a team we’re going to go out there, and we don’t care who we’re going to play,” said Oregon’s Arsalan Kazemi.

Oregon looks to get to their second final four; meanwhile the Cardinals and chasing their 10th.

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