2012 NFL Futures: Odds To Win The NFC South

The NFC South is one of the few divisions in football where all four quarterback are actually good players that can win you a game in a two minutes’ drive. However, there is one that’s clearly ahead of the rest.

2012 NFL Futures: Odds To Win The NFC SouthNew Orleans Saints +105: All the bounty gates sanctions will definitely hurt the team, but the Saints are extremely well built and they still have enough players and coaches to overcome what the 2012 season throws at them.

Drew Bress is coming off a sensational season, and while he might not have a better one in his entire career, he still will be good enough to help his team win the division.

Atlanta Falcons +115: The Falcons lacked explosiveness most of 2011, something unusual considering they threw the house down for an explosive player like Julio Jones.

Atlanta is a good team, but recent history has showed they can’t make stuff happen when the time and the situation are crucial.

Carolina Panthers +500: The Panthers made some moves in the draft to improve defensively, but to be honest I expect teams to be more prepare against Cam Newton. Whenever teams watch videos of players in the second year of its career, their defenses get better.

The Panthers making the playoffs is ludicrous.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1400: Josh Freeman is looking recuperate his finest form; he’ll have wideout Vincent Jackson, but he lost Kellen Wisnlow. Tampa is not ready to fight for a playoffs spot, but they are getting closer with a young roster.

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