2012 NFL Lines To Win the AFC South

The AFC South has been a Colts division for the past decade, however, last season the Texans made a statement winning it with authority, and with Peyton Manning gone, the zone is again wide open.

These are the current odds to win the AFC South:
2012 NFL Lines To Win the AFC SouthHouston Texans -600: The Texans lost DeMeco Ryans and Mario Williams for 2012, but they had the second best defense in the NFL in 2011 and with defensive coordinator Wade Phillips back for his second year with the team; they should be fine.

If they managed to stay healthy, especially Andre Johnson, Matt Schaub and Arian Foster, there is no reason why they can’t win the AFC South on back to back years.

Tennessee Titans +400: the Titans didn’t make any moves defensively to be better this year, but they picked up a few guys offensively that could help the cause. Rookie wideout Kendall Wright and Kenny Britt should make an enormous impact this season, and also, Chris Johnson won’t be in a holdout, which means his production should improve in 2012.

Jacksonville Jaguars +2000: The Jaguars won’t be a fun team to watch this season, they weren’t in 2011 and there is no reason to think that will change.

Blaine Gabbert showed almost nothing last season, but at least he will have Oklahoma State rookie Justin Blackmon to help him out this year. Maurice Jones Drew should be the one who carries with this offense most of the downs.

Indianapolis Colts +2500: After winning the division in 8 if the last 11 season, it’s time to take a step back and rebuild for the Colts. Andrew Luck will be fun to watch, but it’s hard to believe he will make Indy a winning team in his first year.

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