2013 NFL Predictions: NFC West

Just three seasons ago the Seattle Seahawks made it to the playoffs with a 7-9 record after winning what was called the worst division in football; now four teams are playoffs contenders and two of them can actually go the whole way and win it all.Kaepernick49ersvsSeahawksSan Francisco is the favorite to win it after two consecutive seasons doing so, but they will have to face the fact that most people know Colin Kaepernick and this offense.

The Pistol offense works only if you have a decent running game and a scrambling and smart quarterback.  San Francisco has both.

The 49ers biggest rival is the Seattle Seahawks, who are kind of built the same way.

Russell Wilson can run the ball, but he runs only when he has to; he’s a pocket passer who make good decisions.  Their defense is nasty and makes other quarterback uncomfortable pressuring the quarterback from all edges.

The St. Louis Rams ended with a 7-9 record in 2012, but they were 4-1-1 within the division. The team is well coached and has room to improve both on defense and offense.  The Rams were the best teams rushing the quarterback in 2012 with 52 sacks (tied with the Denver Broncos).

The Cardinals are at the bottom after ending with a 5-11 record last year.  Most people forget, but this team started 4-0 last season, but then failed to protect the quarterback.  Carson Palmer as a quarterback and Bruce Arians as a new head coach could be fun to watch.

Odds To Win the NFC West           

Arizona Cardinals 25/1

San Francisco 49ers 10/11

Seattle Seahawks 1/1

St Louis Rams 15/2

NFL Predictions: Seattle Seahawks.

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