4 Reasons Why The NY Giants Will Win The Super Bowl 46

In the NFL betting lines, the NY Giants seem to be the underdogs, but in the public, the idea is that the G-Men are the best team by far. Here are four keys for NY to beat the Patriots again; now in Super Bowl 46.

1. Pass Rush: I know a lot of people talk about this, but the front four of the NY Giants are filled
with beasts. Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre Paul and Osi Omenyiora and simple tremendous getting to the
quarterback and disrupting every game plan.

Tom Brady suffered Osi and Justin Tuck on Super Bowl 42, and this front four is a huge advantage for the
Giants, especially considering these four can pressure Brady and then, the other seven on defense can
cover the rest of the field.

4 Reasons Why The NY Giants Will Win The Super Bowl 462. Receivers: The Pats defense was awful all season; it have gotten better, but still have several spots where they are really weak, especially the secondary defense. The NY Giants receivers are better than the Pats, and they are better than the Pats defensive backs.

Just imagine Julian Eldeman trying to cover Victor Cruz…
3. Momentum: Despite the Pats have won 10 games in a row, there is no doubt in my mind that the NY
Giants have a better momentum than the Patriots. After beating Dallas, Atlanta, crushed the Packers
and beat the SF 49ers; they get to this Super Bowl thinking there is no one better out there than them.

4. Mental Edge: Not many teams can brag about having a mental edge over the NE Patriots; the Giants
are one of them. Tom Brady has become a different player since the loss in 2008 in the Super Bowl
against New York. Plus, this year, Eli Manning had another comeback drive against the Pats 10 weeks
ago to win the game. Manning doesn’t fear them; he knows he can beat the Pats.

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