Atlanta Falcons – Super Bowl Winning Futures (+1400)

The Atlanta Falcons are one of my favorite teams that actually show some legitimate value for Super Bowl winning odds.  While not an easy bet, at 14 to 1 you are getting some decent return for risking a wager on a very good football team.

Offensively the Falcons were a mostly better than average team and possessed a legitimate rush defense. Their Achilles heel was their Pass D. With little or no pass rush, the Falcons had difficulty stopping the ball through the air. They solved that problem in a big way with the addition of Defensive End Ray Edwards from Minnesota.

Keep in mind this is an extremely young and developing football team that still went 13 – 3 last season in a division with the defending Super Bowl Champions and two teams that hit the 10 win plateau.

Atlanta Falcons  – Super Bowl Winning Futures (+1400)Quarterback Matt Ryan is still developing but can be considered an elite talent at that position, and running back Michael Turner has emerged as one of the top backs in the league.

But despite these accolades, the Falcons are sitting at +1400 to win the Super Bowl.

Not insultingly high, but a number that raises an eyebrow towards a team that has not done anything to get worse in the off-season.

They do have a road heavy first four weeks of their regular season, and that may lead to a bit of a difficult opening to the year, which could easily lead to this number getting bigger during the first month of the NFL season.

But I’d still take a hard look at the Falcons early in the year. If they get rolling you may be kicking yourself for not jumping on board now.

Geoff Johnson

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