Baltimore Ravens – Super Bowl Winning Futures (+1400)

Despite their age, season results or lack of new personnel, the Baltimore Ravens seem to always be hanging around in the top ten sportsbooks odds for Super Bowl Winning  year in and year out.

Baltimore Ravens  – Super Bowl Winning Futures (+1400)

Statistically, the Ravens were decent across the board, except in the category that really matters; total points given up.

At a measly 16.9 points per game, this aging veteran defense still keeps the ball out of the end zone well enough to win 12 games in the AFC.

Unfortunately, I have been talking about how old this defense is for three straight seasons, because it is.

They have overachieved despite their age, but there is no denying that they are not the same squad they were even two years ago.

The defense will be great this year, and be ranked in the top five once again, but expect a little more slip from the old guys, a few more injury issues and an overall drop in performance.

+1400 just does not make my mouth water. I don’t think they will be +1400 good this year. It won’t be a defense thing, but even with Anquan Boldin as a receiver – seemingly the only missing piece of a Super Bowl winning puzzle last season – they couldn’t rack up the points when they needed them.

Joe Flacco is legit, but when it came time to lean on the offense to hang in or put away teams, they just came up that short again and again.

The difficulty with Baltimore is that we know they’ll be a different team, but they still have a legit shot at the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, at 14 to 1, oddsmakers think it’s a little more legit than they deserve.

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