Brett Favre Says He Won’t Join The Bears

We are entering the NFL’s week 14, and yeah, we are still talking about a possible Brett Favre comeback. Favre thinks there is no chance he’ll be back to the NFL, despite the recent rumors about him joining the Chicago Bears; I have my doubts.

“Inspite (sic) of reports about playing with various teams, I’m enjoying retirement with my family and have no plans to play football,” Favre said in a statement Tuesday night.

“I haven’t contacted nor have been contacted by any teams, and all reports are inaccurate,” Favre added.

Brett Favre Says He Won’t Join The BearsFavre played last season with Minnesota Vikings; it was his 20th season and probably his worst one as he threw 19 interceptions and just 11 touchdowns, and led the Vikes to a 5-8 record.

Currently, Brett is 42 years old and was spotted throwing the ball to high school kids at the beginning of the season, but according to some sources he hasn’t done anything related to football for over a month.

The whole Favre-Bears situation started when Chicago’s starting quarterback Jay Cutler got injured three weeks ago. The Bears were playing, arguably, the best football of the league at the time, but since he’s been out, they have lost two games in a row with quarterback Caleb Henie under center.

Henie has been “turnovers machine” recording six interceptions in the two games he has played as a starting quarterback. He is killing the Bears’ chances to get into the playoffs because he doesn’t take care of the ball.

I know it would be outrageous to see Brett Favre in a Bears uniform, but I would bet years ago you didn’t think you would see him dressed as a Viking; after all, Favre with 40+ years and no training is better than Henie at his best.

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