Jerome Boger Selected to officiate Super Bowl 47

Referee Jerome Boger has been chosen as the leader of the seven man crew that will officiate Super Bowl 47 on Sunday night, but of course not many people think he’s the right man for the job.

Jerome Boger Selected to officiate Super Bowl 47Along with Boger, the members of the crew will be Darrell Jenkins (umpire), Steve Stelljes (head linesman), Byron Boston (line judge), Craig Wrolstad (field judge), Joe Larrew (side judge) and Dino Paganelli (back judge).

“The Super Bowl XLVII crew, led by referee and crew chief Jerome Boger, all had an excellent 2012 season,” NFLRA executive director Tim Millis said in a statement. “This is a well-deserved honor for each member of the crew. Every NFLRA member wishes them the best of luck officiating an outstanding Super Bowl game.”

But as I mention not all NFL official thinks the same. “[Boger] shouldn’t even be eligible for the game,” one said. “Everybody basically knows what’s happening. You see when grades appear, and when grades mysteriously disappear. Any incorrect call or missed call will disappear for no reason at all.”

Michael Signora, vice president of the NFL communications department, of course defends Boger.

“There is no merit to the suggestion that Jerome Boger’s grades were treated differently from those of any other official.”

Signora continued: “Every official has the opportunity to have preliminary grades reviewed, and no downgrade is removed unless there is a consensus among the supervisors to do so, and without the approval of the head of the department. Fourteen of our 18 referees had grades modified in the course of the review process.”

The NFL Lines continues with the San Francisco 49ers as a -3.5 point favorite.

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