Jets vs Titans In An Ugly Monday Night – NFL Week 15 Betting

A terrible Monday Night is on stage for week 15 as the New York Jets look for a playoff spot visiting the Tennessee Titans at LP Field, at 8:30 PM ET.

Jets vs Titans In An Ugly Monday Night – NFL Week 15 BettingThe Jets might still have a shot for the postseason, but they need to sweep the table from now to the end of the regular season, starting with this game against the Titans.

“I’m not going to guarantee a playoff spot,” coach Rex Ryan said. “I think part of that is look, the fact that we’re one game under .500, I think you’re probably not in the playoff conversation”.

“We just need to keep our head down and keep winning games,” Ryan said. “We know the only way we can affect it is to win our games and then we’ll see what somebody tells us.”

The Titans have lost three in a row and five of the last six, but you can’t blame the team for not trying.  They were extremely close to beat the Colts last week in Indianapolis.

“That’s not my worry or my decision,” coach Mike Munchak said about his job next year. “My job is to get these guys, we have to win football games. I get that. But I think it’s all about, for me, is knowing that we’re heading in the right direction.

“I feel we’re doing that. I feel we’re not getting the wins, and I get that. And that’s what I’ll be judged on when it’s all said and done.”

The game might be a little better than expected between two mediocre teams, but keep in mind there is more actual talent on the Titans side; despite the record says otherwise.

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