New York Jets – Super Bowl Winning Futures (+1500)

For two years in a row the New York Jets have made it to the AFC Championship game. And for two years in a row they have been unceremoniously ousted by the team that went on to lose the Super Bowl.

They have done it on the heels of their brash, loudmouth coach and by spending the farm on every available free agent they could get their hands on.

Defensively, they were one of the best teams in the league, and will definitely be near the top this year. But it hasn’t been defense that has held the Jets back. It also  hasn’t been their running game. In similar fashion to the Baltimore Ravens, the Jets  simply do not have the ability to lean on their pass game.

New York Jets – Super Bowl Winning Futures (+1500)Quarterback Mark Sanchez has flashes of brilliance, but despite being surrounded by talent, still lacks the ability to take over a game through the air.

The Jets did sign their big time playmaking wide receiver Santonio Holmes and have brought in former Giants star receiver Plaxico Burress to bolster the offense. But Burress is fresh out of the slammer and hasn’t seen an NFL football field in two years, and to sign these two, they had to release their top receiver from 2010; Braylon Edwards.

All in all, the Jets haven’t really done much to improve their team over last season, but they didn’t do anything to make it worse. +1500 feels like an accurate line.

So you are getting a team that has made the AFC Championship game two years in a row and is coming into 2011 with essentially the same squad.

It may be a long shot to consider they will be back in the AFC Championship game again this year, but the value here is astounding.

This is a middle of the pack line on a top of the heap team. This is a huge GO for Jets backers looking to make a preseason futures wager.

Geoff Johnson

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