NFL Betting Spread – Saints vs Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys need another big win as they take on the New Orleans Saints, this Sunday at 1 PM ET at Cowboys stadium.

NFL Betting Spread – Saints vs CowboysDallas beat Pittsburgh in overtime last week and kept their playoffs hopes very much alive; third win in a row. Brando Carr intercepted Big Ben in overtime and put his team in a position to win. “Those are the plays you dream about in the backyard, making the game-winning interception or touchdown,” Carr said.

“I really can’t explain it. It’s something destined about this team,” defensive end Jason Hatcher said. “You look back there, and you don’t know nobody back there behind you.”

“Everyone has seen Ben do that in the fourth quarter multiple times,” Dallas defensive end Marcus Spears said. “We knew we had to go back there and affect him in the pocket and at least try to get in his way. Fortunately, those turned into some sacks for us”.

The Saints are out of the playoffs hunt, but they will be happy if they can win the last two games in the season. Drew Brees and his offense put one 41 points without an answer against the Bucs.

“Even though maybe that Super Bowl trophy can’t be ours this year, we still have a lot to play for,” Brees said. “We have a very prideful group of guys, but also we have a group of guys that understand the big picture, and that is that we’re going to be together for a long time, and we can start building the foundation of something now that will carry over for years to come”.

The Cowboys are 3 point favorites in the NFL spread.

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