NFL Conference Championship Odds – The Fab Four Remain

Peyton_Manning_-_BroncosOnly two more football weekends left in the season! (Sorry Pro Bowl you know you don’t count. How can anyone respect a game that has Andy Reid patrolling the sidelines in a Hawaiian shirt?) This means we have to cram as much betting fun into this final weekend. So just like last week, we’ve compiled more odds for the Conference Championships this weekend.

Not surprisingly, it’s loaded with Manning vs. Brady odds. But we need to relish the opportunity while we have it. It could be as early as next year that we’ll have to go back to talking about the NFL’s other 30 useless quarterbacks not named Peyton or Tom. (And don’t start getting a big head Tom Savage, you know I wasn’t referring to you!)

Anyways, here’s a bunch of props for the last four teams left standing in this NFL season.

NFL Conference Championship Odds

Odds to win NFC Championship:

  • Carolina: 5/8
  • Arizona: 7/5

Odds to win AFC Championship:

  • New England: 10/17
  • Denver: 3/2

Odds a game goes to overtime: 10/3

Odds a game ends on first OT possession: 3/1

Odds there is an issue with the air in the footballs: 200/1

Odds a Cardinals player mocks Cam Newton’s TD celebration: 3/2

Odds Cam Newton throws Cardinals apparel during/after the game: 1/4

Odds a fight breaks out in the stands: 1/12

Manning vs Brady Odds

Odds this is final playoff matchup for Brady/Manning: 45/1

O/U time of post game embrace: 5.5 seconds

O/U split screen shots of Brady/Manning during broadcast: 6

Odds for which QB has more passing yards: 

  • Brady: 2/5
  • Manning: 7/3
  • Tie: 30/1

Odds for which QB has more passing TDs:

  • Brady: 2/3
  • Tie: 3/1
  • Manning: 5/1

Odds both Manning and Brady retire after this year: 100/1

Odds they enter Hall of Fame in same year: 80/1


Odds where Chargers will play in 2016:

  • L.A. Memorial Coliseum: 4/7
  • Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego): 2/1
  • Other: 12/1

Odds where Raiders will play in 2016: 

  • Coliseum (Oakland): 4/5
  • L.A. Memorial Coliseum: 5/2
  • Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego): 9/1
  • Other: 10/1

(Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beall [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.)


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