NFL Futures – Post-Draft Odds

With the conclusion of the 2016 NFL Draft, team’s rosters are pretty much set in the key positions. Some would have a hole here or there they may look to fill during the preseason, but ultimately, they’ll never look better on paper than they do at this very moment.

Despite the big deal we make around the draft each year, rookies don’t really move the needle when it comes to Super Bowl odds. Sure Jared Goff (Rams), Ezekiel Elliott (Cowboys) and Joey Bosa (Chargers) will make an immediate impact (good or bad) on their squads, but their teams are far away from having a shot at the Super Bowl.

In fact, my biggest concern is how will the lack of a first-round pick will end up affecting the Patriots in their pursuit of the Super Bowl LI?

Let’s have a look at the post-NFL Draft Super Bowl Odds.

Super Bowl 51 Futures (as of May 11)

New England Patriots: 7/1

It just goes to show how high the expectations are for Bill Belichick, that  the New England Patriots are the favorites to win Super Bowl LI with their future Hall of Fame QB missing the first four games of the season.

Seattle Seahawks: 8/1

There is plenty of respect for the Seahawks although they let many down in the postseason last year. Seattle regained corner back Brandon Browner to reunite the original Legion of Boom in the secondary, and that should help. Jimmy Graham should be better in his second year with the team, but the critical question remains to be if this team can survive without RB Marshawn Lynch in the backfield.

Pittsburgh Steelers: 10/1

Seattle and New England aren’t the only teams already dealing with a loss. Without WR Martavis Bryant, Pittsburgh needs to find another playmaker that helps draw coverage away from Antonio Brown outside the numbers. The Steelers are the Patriots number one menace in the AFC.

Green Bay Packers: 11/1

With the return of WR Jordy Nelson, the Packers offense should get back to being one of the best in the NFL. Nelson will provide a deep threat for Aaron Rodgers, and that should free up Randall Cobb, to bounce back from a disappointing season last year.

Carolina Panthers: 11/1

Regardless of what GM David Gettleman says, losing Josh Norman on defense is a huge blow. The Panthers will be getting WR Kelvin Benjamin back to help reigning MVP Cam Newton on offense, but can the sometimes inconsistent QB repeat last season’s incredible performance?

The Field:

  • Arizona Cardinals: 14/1
  • Denver Broncos: 16/1
  • Cincinnati Bengals: 18/1
  • Minnesota Vikings: 22/1
  • Dallas Cowboys: 22/1
  • Indianapolis Colts: 22/1
  • Kansas City Chiefs: 25/1
  • New York Giants: 25/1
  • Oakland Raiders: 25/1
  • Baltimore Ravens: 33/1
  • Houston Texans: 33/1
  • New York Jets: 40/1
  • Washington Redskins: 40/1
  • Atlanta Falcons: 50/1
  • Buffalo Bills: 50/1
  • Chicago Bears: 50/1
  • Los Angeles Rams: 50/1
  • Philadelphia Eagles: 50/1
  • Detroit Lions: 66/1
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: 66/1
  • Miami Dolphins: 66/1
  • New Orleans Saints: 66/1
  • San Diego Chargers: 66/1
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 75/1
  • Cleveland Browns: 100/1
  • San Francisco 49ers: 100/1
  • Tennessee Titans: 100/1

(Photo credit: Mike Morbeck [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons. Photo has been cropped from its original.)

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