NFL Futures – Regular Season Winning Odds – New England

The Patriots were 14 – 2 during the regular season in 2010, a surprising result considering they were in a rebuilding year and possessed the youngest defense in football and a handful of first and second year players on offense.

Patriots Catch a ball, and catch a break as they barely squeeze into the top ten sportsbook rankings.

But behind the arm of Tom Brady and the mind of Bill Bellichick, the Pats stormed through the regular season.

Is another 14 – 2 campaign likelihood? Well winning 10 games in the NFL is very challenging; betting on 14 often becomes a crap shoot.

The Patriots will be a very good football team this season, even better than last year, but often times a regular season record has more to do with your competition than your competence.

The Pats are favored to win it all this season, but a realistic bet can’t be made on 14 wins. The value of 14 at +700 may seem enticing, but not juicy enough to pull a smart bet away from +450 for 13 – 3, or +350 at 12 – 4. Both of those records is enough to put you at the top of the league in the NFL, and the Pats will likely be there this year.

Here is the New England Patriots Regular Season Record futures:

16 – 0                +3000

15 – 1                +1600

14 – 2                +700

13 – 3                +450

12 – 4                +350

11 – 5                +375

10 – 6                +500

9 – 7                            +1200

8 – 8                            +2000

Any Other                +1500

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