NFL Futures – Super Bowl 51!

Did you know that Super Bowl 50 is this weekend? Did you know there are a bunch of ridiculous prop bets out there on the game (and that we’re contributing to the problem)?

Yeah, you probably knew all that.

Did you know that there will be another Super Bowl next year?

Oh, you knew that one, too?

Did you know that the NFL is going back to Roman numerals for Super Bowl 51?

No you didn’t. Come on. Fine, maybe you did.

Did you know that we already have odds on who’s going to make it NRG Stadium in Houston next year?

You can’t possibly have because I just wrote them and you’re not me. Actually, you might be. No one else reads my stuff.

Some people in Vegas might not be giving the Carolina Panthers much respect, but that’s just plain wrong. Cam Newton and company aren’t going to be one-year wonders; they’ll be a force to be reckoned with next year. Carolina should have most of the main cogs back from their current squad plus a legitimate number one receiver in Kelvin Benjamin. Consider the Panthers both NFC and league favorites.

Meanwhile, the Pats are still on top of the AFC. Given how banged up they were this year, and the fact that they were still a two-point conversion away from sending the conference championship game to OT, and the fact that you should never, ever bet too strongly against the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick combo, they deserve that much.

If you’re looking for a longshot, roll with a Browns/Niners Super Bowl. It could pay off. Hue Jackson was a great hire. Chip Kelly is also a football coach.

Super Bowl 51 (aka Super Bowl LI Odds):

Odds to win Super Bowl 51

Carolina Panthers: 9/1
Seattle Seahawks: 10/1
New England Patriots: 10/1
Pittsburgh Steelers: 12/1
Green Bay Packers: 14/1
Arizona Cardinals: 15/1
Cincinnati Bengals: 16/1
Dallas Cowboys: 16/1
Denver Broncos: 18/1
Kansas City Chiefs: 20/1
Minnesota Vikings: 24/1
Indianapolis Colts: 25/1
Baltimore Ravens: 25/1
New York Jets: 28/1
Buffalo Bills: 35/1
Washington Redskins: 35/1
Atlanta Falcons: 40/1
Houston Texans: 40/1
New York Giants: 45/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 95/2
Philadelphia Eagles: 50/1
Chicago Bears: 50/1
Detroit Lions: 55/1
New Orleans Saints: 55/1
Oakland Raiders: 55/1
San Diego Chargers: 55/1
Los Angeles Rams: 60/1
Miami Dolphins: 65/1
Jacksonville Jaguars: 70/1
San Francisco 49ers: 75/1
Tennessee Titans: 100/1
Cleveland Browns: 125/1

Odds to win the 2016-17 NFC Championship
Carolina Panthers: 9/2
Seattle Seahawks: 5/1
Green Bay Packers: 7/1
Arizona Cardinals: 15/2
Dallas Cowboys: 8/1
Minnesota Vikings: 12/1
Washington Redskins: 48/2
New York Giants: 45/2
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 24/1
Philadelphia Eagles: 25/1
Chicago Bears: 25/1
Detroit Lions: 28/1
New Orleans Saints: 28/1
Los Angeles Rams: 30/1
San Francisco 49ers: 38/1

Odds to win the 2016-17 AFC Championship
New England Patriots: 5/1
Pittsburgh Steelers: 6/1
Cincinnati Bengals: 8/1
Denver Broncos: 9/1
Kansas City Chiefs: 10/1
Indianapolis Colts: 25/2
Baltimore Ravens: 25/2
New York Jets: 14/1
Buffalo Bills: 35/2
Houston Texans: 20/1
Oakland Raiders: 28/1
San Diego Chargers: 28/1
Miami Dolphins: 33/1
Jacksonville Jaguars: 35/1
Tennessee Titans: 50/1
Cleveland Browns: 63/1


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