NFL Futures: Who Will Be The Last Undefeated Team?

  • New NFL 2020 Futures have the Chiefs (+475) and Ravens (+500) as the favorites to be the last undefeated team, but the two clubs face each other in Week 3
  • The Saints (+850) and Buccaneers (+1000) square off in the NFL’s Opening Weekend
  • The combination of a soft opening slate and a scary rushing attack makes Indianapolis an excellent value at +2000

Who will be football’s last undefeated team this season? While the question seems like a no-brainer at first glance, the NFL has an unrivaled ability to surprise us on an annual basis.

For instance, San Francisco started 8-0 in 2020 after finishing 4-14 the previous season. The year prior, Sean McVay’s Rams opened 8-0 and, in 2017, it was the Alex Smith-led Chiefs at 5-0.

What I’m saying is, this isn’t the type of bet to play it safe on. Let’s check the latest NFL Futures, weigh the schedules, and pick a winner.


Team Odds
Kansas City Chiefs +475
Baltimore Ravens +500
San Francisco 49ers +800
New Orleans Saints +850
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1000
Dallas Cowboys +1200
Philadelphia Eagles +1400
Seattle Seahawks +1500
Buffalo Bills +1800
Minnesota Vikings +1800
Green Bay Packers +2000
Indianapolis Colts +2000
New England Patriots +2000
Pittsburgh Steelers +2000
Los Angeles Rams +2500
Tennessee Titans +2800
Chicago Bears +3000
Cleveland Browns +3300
Houston Texans +4000
Arizona Cardinals +5000
Atlanta Falcons +5000
Denver Broncos +5000
Las Vegas Raiders +6600
Los Angeles Chargers +6600
New York Giants +7500
New York Jets +8000
Carolina Panthers +10000
Cincinnati Bengals +10000
Detroit Lions +10000
Miami Dolphins +10000
Jacksonville Jaguars +15000
Washington +15000


Before betting on the Chiefs (+475) or Ravens (+500), keep in mind they play each other in Week 3. Baltimore also has what could be a tough home opener against the revamped Browns and a murderer’s row of opponents starting in Week 6.

Meanwhile, if KC escapes their road game versus Lamar and company, their only obstacles would be Cam Newton’s Patriots in Week 4 and the Bills in Week 6.

The Saints (+850) and Buccaneers (+1000) are in a similar spot, only they face each other in Week 1. Otherwise, ‘Tompa Bay’ has a relatively soft schedule until a Week 6 matchup with the Packers, who also face New Orleans in Week 3. Basically, it’s clear sailing for whatever club can get the win in the home opener.

With injuries decimating San Francisco’s receiving corps, we’re down on the 49ers (+800), but opening the season against the Cardinals, Jets and Giants doesn’t sound too bad. They do have the Eagles in Week 4, however.


Impressive offensive weaponry and the league’s third-easiest schedule led us to recommended betting on Dallas to finish the 2020 season with the best record, but the Cowboys’ early-season slate (Rams, Falcons, Seahawks, Browns in first four weeks) gives us some pause at +1200 here.

Looking further down the board, we like the Colts (+2000) and their bulldozing ground game to run over the Jags, Vikings, Jets and Bears in the season’s first month. And while we’re all for the Kevin Stefanski era in Cleveland, the Browns, Bengals and Lions in Weeks 5-8 (bye included), don’t seem all that imposing.

Sticking in the AFC South, Ryan Tannehill and the Titans (+2800) are another sneaky possibility to be the NFL’s last undefeated team if they can carry over their momentum from last season.

Tennessee has Minnesota, Denver and Jacksonville in the first three weeks before tough games with the Steelers, Bills and Texans.

Best bet: Titans (+2800) at Betway.

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