NFL Lines: Ravens vs Bengals Monday Night Week 1

The Cincinnati Bengals will try to get to the playoffs in back to back years for the first time since Marvin Lewis arrived to the organization; however, the task in hand is anything but easy as they start the year facing the Baltimore Ravens on a Monday night showdown.

NFL Lines: Ravens vs Bengals Monday Night Week 1The Bengals’s job is to avoid the known second-year- slump quarterbacks use to have.  Andy Dalton had a tremendous rookie year leading Cincy but that doesn’t mean he will be good enough to take them to the playoffs again.

Cincinnati puts their hopes in second year wide receiver A.J. Green who was a scoring machine in the end zone last year.  Green spent plenty of time during the offseason training with Lions playmakers Calvin Johnson, who had a monster year in 2011, to be better this season.

Also, head coach Marvin Lewis added a new toy to the roster as BenJarvus- Green Ellis joined the team after a few years with New England.  ‘Law Firm’ didn’t get to the 1000 yards last season, but considering how the Patriots offense is passing first unit, those numbers shouldn’t surprises anybody.  Expect him to have more touches this season.

The Ravens, on the other side, are trying to expand the window of opportunity one more year after they were one drop away from the Super Bowl last year.

This might be the very first year their offense is actually better than their defense, which seems old at moments.

Joe Flacco is ready to show he should be consider elite; having extra time to work with Torrey Smith will definitely help Baltimore.

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