NFL Odds -Most Regular Season Rushing Yards

The NFL is passing league; I get it, but we still have some ‘beast’ kind of players running the ball, which leads to the question, who will have the Most Regular Season Rushing Yards in 2013?

adrian petersonHere are the Odds:

Adrian Peterson +225

Peterson will probably slowdown from the outstanding season he had last year right? Well I’m not so sure.  This guy wants to the best back to ever play the game so he probably will have another monsters year.  After all, the Vikings hopes to be in the postseason are sole on his back.

Arian Foster +700

Foster wants his throne back, and he will have a great shot at it.  Facing the Titans, Colts and Jaguars two times a year help a lot.  The problem for Arian is that the Texans’ play calling, which sometimes lack balance and try to rely too much on the pass when they are clearly a running team.

Marshawn Lynch   +700

I like Marshawn, but I don’t see it happening.

Chris Johnson +1200

I like the chances of CJ2K for this season for two reasons. First, I bet he doesn0t like the fact most people count him out of the discussion about best back in the league; it used to be him and Peterson, but now it has changed.

And second, the Titans drafted players to help him run the ball.  Tennessee’s offensive line wants to be one of the best in the league, and it seems they put a nice group together.

The Rest:

Alfred Morris +800

Doug Martin +900

Jamaal Charles +800

Chris Johnson +1200

Lamar Miller +1500

Steven Jackson +1400

DeMarco Murray +1600

Eddie Lacy +2000

Lance Ball +1500

Maurice Jones Drew  +1600

Ray Rice +1800

C J Spiller +2000

David Wilson +2000

Frank Gore +2000

Stevan Ridley  +2500

Trent Richardson +1500

LeSean McCoy  +2000

Matt Forte  +2000

Darren McFadden +2500

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