NFL Prediction: AFC West Division

The Denver Broncos are not only favorites to win the AFC West, but to represent the entire conference in the Super Bowl to be play in New York.

peyton-manning-broncosPeyton Manning and the Broncos were the best seed in the AFC playoffs last season but were a one and done disappointment.Β  Manning knows this is his year, especially with Wes Welker on his side now.

β€œYeah, certainly I’m still learning,” Manning told The Associated Press in an interview after practice Tuesday. β€œYou still learn when you have a new offensive coordinator in Adam Gase, a new quarterbacks coach in Greg Knapp, who’s been around football for a while and I’m learning some of his coaching philosophies. Any time you’re constantly learning, I think that does make you feel young. That makes you feel like all the other players.

β€œSometimes when you have a little variety, that does keep things kind of fresh and keeps you stimulated. But football, it doesn’t really matter how old you are or how young you are, you’re all fighting for the same goal. And so, I love practicing every day. I love being out there with the guys, I love hanging out in the locker room when you have a free minute and having some laughs but working in the weight room. So, I feel very much like one of the guys.”

The Chiefs are the second team in this division now with Andy Reid as the head coach and Alex Smith as their quarterback.Β  Kansas City is definitely one team to have an eye on for the playoffs, but not to win this division.

The Chargers and Raiders are so mess up, is not even interesting to talk about them.Β  They have zero chances.

Odds To Win AFC West

Denver Broncos 2/9

Kansas City Chiefs 5/1

Oakland Raiders 18/1

San Diego Chargers 27/4

NFL Prediction: Denver Broncos.

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