NFL Week 9 Odds: Roethlisberger TDs Prop

The size of a linebacker, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had a made a career out of extending plays and finding a receiver for a long bomb. Now, the blue-collar big-man has added finesse to his game with an incredible – and unprecedented – run of two straight games with six passing touchdowns. With 12 touchdowns over two games, Roethlisberger eclipsed the previous record of 11 set by former Raider Tom Flores and matched by current Patriot Tom Brady.

What makes the performance even more amazing? Big Ben did it in big games against good teams, including the 6-3 Colts, who were on a five game winning streak before being dismantled by the Steelers, and the 5-4 Ravens, who had the best scoring defense in the league heading into week 8. Indeed, against Baltimore, the Steelers put up 43 points and nearly hit the over all by themselves.

That brings us to the Pittsburgh Steelers opponent next weekend, the New York Jets, whose secondary resembles swiss cheese. As a unit, Rex Ryan’s defense has given up 30 touchdowns, 24 of which have come through the air. Ostensibly, the Steelers should have a much easier time against New York. But, this year, Pittsburgh has been as unpredictable as a boxed-in Brad Keselowski. (Seriously, how did this team lose at home to Tampa Bay?)

With that in mind, what are the odds regarding Big Ben’s touchdown pass numbers against the J-E-T-S?

Odds that Roethlisberger throws:

  • zero TDs – 30/1
  • one TD – 6/1
  • two TDs – 4/1
  • three TDs – 10/1
  • four TDs – 22/1
  • five TDs – 33/1
  • six TDs – 50/1
  • more than six TDs – 60/1

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