QB Castoffs: Odds on Cutler, Osweiler Landing Spots

They are two of the most sh*t on quarterbacks in the NFL. Punchlines for set ups like, “What do you call it when you light tens of millions of dollars on fire?” And now,Β Brock Osweiler and Jay Cutler are going to be competing against one another for the few job openings left in the NFL.

Cutler was released from the Bears on Thursday after eight up and down seasons in which he only had one playoff appearance, but rewrote Chicago’s passing record-book. So in a way, he’s the best quarterback in Bears history… take that for whatever it’s worth.

Osweiler still hasn’t officially been released from his deal, but the writing is on the wall. Cleveland is trying to find a trade partner, and is willing to eat a lot of the salary in order to get it done. But ultimately, once they fail to find a deal, they’ll let the maligned former Texan go.

In terms of available starting quarterback jobs,Β it really is a list of one: the New York Jets, the only organization dysfunctional enough to view these passers as an upgrade. But with reports that the Jets were trying to lure Trevor Siemian away from the Broncos (should Denver winΒ the Tony Romo sweepstakes), New York doesn’t seem to be in a rush to find its next quarterback.

It’s very likely both of these men will only be offered a clipboard next season, but where would be a good fit? Cutler comes as a known commodity, a QB who can make incredible throws to win you a game or boneheaded ones to lose it.Β If a potential deal with Romo falls through in Houston, Cutler could find a job there as an insurance policy to the oft-injured Tom Savage. After all, the Texans defense was able to cover for a lot of bad Osweiler giveaways last season.

Then there’s a team likeΒ the Steelers (who need to look at drafting the quarterback of the future this year). They too may want some veteran experience on the bench, as Big Ben is known to get dinged up.

Of course, Cutler has never seemed that interested in the game of football, and may just want to hang’em up instead of playing second-fiddle. He’s unpredictable in the pocket, and surely that carries over to his regular everyday life.

Osweiler may be even harder to play matchmaker with. He’s only 26, and has started just 21 games in his career, but he comes with such a stink, having just been rejected by the Cleveland Browns for Pete’s sake!

If he does find himself a new contract, he’ll likely go into camp just fighting for a backup spot.

Odds where Brock Osweiler will play in 2017

  • New York Jets:Β 11/2
  • Los Angeles Rams: 7/1
  • Jacksonville Jaguars:Β 8/1
  • Miami Dolphins:Β 8/1
  • Buffalo Bills:Β 9/1
  • Detroit Lions:Β 9/1
  • Field: 6/1
  • Nowhere:Β 11/2

Odds where Jay CutlerΒ will play in 2017

  • New York Jets:Β 3/2
  • Houston Texans: 8/1
  • Pittsburgh Steelers:Β 12/1
  • Miami Dolphins: 14/1
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: 14/1
  • Field:Β 8/1
  • Nowhere: 5/1

Photo credit: Mike Morberck (Flickr)[https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/]


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