Ray Rice Suspension Poll Results – plus Odds on Next NFL Player Suspended

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice finally publicly apologized Thursday for his domestic violence issue with his wife back in February. After the NFL issued a suspension of 2 games, MyTopSportsbooks posted a poll asking readers what they felt should be the punishment. Here are the results.

PunishmentPercentage of votes
Suspended for half a season7%
Suspended for 2 seasons14%
Community Service4%
Suspended for entire season31%
Banned for life18%

Even among sports betting fans – who one would assume would put on-field performance ahead of antics in a player’s personal life – believe strongly that the NFL’s punishment was too light. Most of the 500+ respondents felt that at least one full season would be in order.

Having said that, suspensions do affect betting odds, the Ravens are -2.5 favorites to win their Week 1 tilt against the Bengals, who have had a recent suspension of their own in backup cornerback Chris Lewis-Harris. Fans and bettors alike also want to know who will be the next NFL player to be suspended. We have put together odds on some potentials…

Odds on Next NFL Player Suspended

Josh Gordon -350

Justin Blackmon +125

John Abraham +175

Aldon Smith +550

Pac Man Jones +850

Dez Bryant +1900



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