The 2013 NY Jets Odds Are Horrible, But Sanchez Wants the QB Job

Mark Sanchez is fully confident he will get the starting quarterback job for the New York Jets; the NFL odds have the Jets as one of the worst possible teams for the 2013 season.

sanchez-jetsOnly the Oakland Raiders and the Jacksonville Jaguars have worse odds to win the AFC Championship game than the Jets; heck, even Cleveland have better odds, which could tell you everything you need to know about what is expected from New York.

When asked if he would win the quarterback competition in training camp, Sanchez said, “Absolutely.”

“I don’t hold it against any of the guys who can’t make it,” Sanchez said Friday after a two-hour practice. “There are no hard feelings about anything like [that]. Greg [McElroy] isn’t here, [Matt] Simms isn’t here, some guys are gone getting married. They’re doing stuff. There are plenty of other things they could be doing. If they could make the sacrifice and be here, awesome. If they can’t, that’s totally fine. I would never hold a grudge against anybody that’s not here.”

Rookie quarterback Geno Smith has a lot of expectation coming off his shoulders.ย  The entire Jets fans base wants to see him play since week 1.

“When it comes down to a competition, I just put my money on myself and go play and win the job,” Sanchez said. “If that’s what it’s going to be like and it’s been made clear, that’s what it is, all right, let’s go.”

The Jets are listed 40/1 to represent the AFC at the Super Bowl. Geno Smith, by the way, is 8/1 to win Rookie of the Year.

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