Updated Super Bowl Odds After Chiefs Smash Ravens in Week 3 of NFL Season

  • BetOnline lists the Chiefs (+400) as the new Super Bowl favorites after Kansas City’s 34-20 victory over the Ravens in Week 3
  • Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers’ inspired quarterback play has Seattle (+750) and Green Bay (+1000) looking like serious contenders
  • The Patriots’ +2500 odds will surge if Cam Newton can lead New England to a win over Patrick Mahomes on Sunday

It’s important not to overreact to a week of NFL football as everything seems to change the very next Sunday. That said, some things can’t be unseen.

The Chiefs systematic dismantling of the Ravens on Monday Night Football is one of those things. No matter what happens the rest of the season, it will be hard to restore our faith in Baltimore and Lamar Jackson, who fell to 0-6 in his career when trailing at halftime.

BetOnline dropped John Harbaugh’s club from a +500 Super Bowl favorite just last week to +650, but that’s not far enough down the board for our liking. After reviewing the latest Lombardi odds, we’ll provide a list of teams we could see winning it all.


Team Current Odds Trending After Wk 2
Kansas City Chiefs +400 +500
Baltimore Ravens +650 +500
Seattle Seahawks +750 +900
Green Bay Packers +1000 +1800
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1400 +1600
New Orleans Saints +1600 +1200
San Francisco 49ers +1600 +1400
Buffalo Bills +1800 +1800
Pittsburgh Steelers +1800 +2000
Dallas Cowboys +2000 +1600
Arizona Cardinals +2500 +2500
Indianapolis Colts +2500 +2800
New England Patriots +2500 +2500
Tennessee Titans +2500 +2800
Los Angeles Rams +2800 +2500
Chicago Bears +4000 +5000
Cleveland Browns +5000 +5000
Las Vegas Raiders +5000 +4000
Philadelphia Eagles +6600 +6600
Detroit Lions +10000 +10000
Los Angeles Chargers +10000 +6000
Minnesota Vikings +12500 +6600
Atlanta Falcons +15000 +6600
Houston Texans +15000 +10000
Carolina Panthers +30000 +30000
Cincinnati Bengals +30000 +30000
Denver Broncos +30000 +15000
Jacksonville Jaguars +30000 +20000
Miami Dolphins +30000 +25000
Washington +50000 +20000
New York Giants +100000 +30000
New York Jets +100000 +30000


Patrick Mahomes improved to 10-0 all-time in September with 330 passing yards per game, 32 touchdowns and zero interceptions. Considering he’s not too shabby from October through February as well, there’s plenty of reason to bet the favored Chiefs at +400.

Pete Carroll and Brian Schottenheimer finally let Russ cook and the results have been super tasty with Wilson throwing for 925 yards, 14 TDs and one pick through three games. While the Seahawks defense is a far, far cry from the old Legion of Boom days, Seattle (+750) can absolutely win the Super Bowl.

Much like Seahawks when they were +2500 this offseason, we implored you to bet the Steelers when they were +2000. Unlike Seattle, however, Pittsburgh still has some value at +1800. The Steel Curtain is tops in the NFL in generating pressure and Big Ben looks healthy while throwing to a talented group of young receivers in JuJu Smith-Schuster, Diontae Johnson and Chase Claypool.


The Packers have cut their SB odds in half from the start of the season, going from +2000 to +1000.

While the team was a laughingstock all offseason for wasting their first- and second-round picks on a backup QB (Jordan Love) and running back (A.J. Dillon), the incumbent starters, Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Jones, have risen their level of play to new heights, taking pressure off team management while simultaneously proving them wrong.

If the best defense in the NFL isn’t in Pittsburgh, it probably belongs to a Buccaneers (+1400) team that has feasted on weak competition (Panthers, Broncos) since dropping the season opener to a Saints (+1600) operation that has since been exposed as pretenders. Hold off on any bets on Tampa Bay until we see them against the Packers in Week 6.

After narrowly surviving a near Rams comeback on Sunday, the Bills Mafia is likely wondering what their 3-0 club has to do to crack the list of Super Bowl contenders, but when it comes down to it, we still believe New England (+2500) is a better value than Buffalo (+1800).

The Patriots’ odds would likely be much shorter if Cam Newton’s last-second goal-line sneak was successful against the Seahawks in Week 2. And now Bill Belichick’s boys will have another chance to prove themselves in a mouth-watering Week 4 matchup with the Chiefs.

Steve Starr

Steve is one of the many Americans who spends Sunday watching football on the couch and gorging on heart-clogging eats. He describes himself as a good father, great dog owner, and mediocre gambler and husband.

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