Updated Super Bowl Odds Following Injury-Ravaged Week 2 of NFL Season

  • Oddsmakers have the Chiefs (+500) and Ravens (+500) as co-favorites to win the Super Bowl before their Week 3 clash on Monday Night Football
  • Seattle (+900) continues to rise up the board after a 35-30 victory against the Patriots on Sunday
  • The Saints (+1200) still have better Lombardi odds than the Packers despite Drew Brees looking old enough to be Aaron Rodgers’ grandfather

Remember when people thought the NFL shouldn’t return because the COVID-19 pandemic could pose a health risk to players?

Week 2 proved once again that nothing is more dangerous to a player’s health than the sport of football itself with stars on both sides of the ball dropping like flies on Sunday.

As we’ll be doing every week of the NFL regular season, let’s review the updated Super Bowl odds at BetOnline and see how the cavalcade of injuries impacted certain teams’ chances.


Team Current Odds Trending Before Season
Kansas City Chiefs +500 +650
Baltimore Ravens +500 +575
Seattle Seahawks +900 +1200
New Orleans Saints +1200 +900
San Francisco 49ers +1400 +1200
Dallas Cowboys +1600 +2000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1600 +1600
Buffalo Bills +1800 +2000
Green Bay Packers +1800 +2000
Pittsburgh Steelers +2000 +2200
Arizona Cardinals +2500 +2800
Los Angeles Rams +2500 +3300
New England Patriots +2500 +2200
Indianapolis Colts +2800 +4000
Tennessee Titans +2800 +2500
Las Vegas Raiders +4000 +5000
Chicago Bears +5000 +2000
Cleveland Browns +5000 +6600
Los Angeles Chargers +6000 +5000
Minnesota Vikings +6600 +5000
Philadelphia Eagles +6600 +4000
Atlanta Falcons +6600 +5000
Detroit Lions +10000 +10000
Houston Texans +10000 +7500
Denver Broncos +15000 +8000
Jacksonville Jaguars +20000 +20000
Washington +20000 +10000
Miami Dolphins +25000 +15000
Carolina Panthers +30000 +15000
Cincinnati Bengals +30000 +20000
New York Giants +30000 +12500
New York Jets +30000 +25000


The 49ers‘ odds lengthened from +1200 last week to +1400 after the team lost NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Nick Bosa and fellow defensive lineman Soloman Thomas to torn ACLs on Sunday.

Given the state of their line and the fact that they share a division with the surging Seahawks (+900), upcoming Cardinals (+2500) and resurgent Rams (+2500), we believe the defending NFC champions should be at +2000 at best.

For the most part, the rest of the week’s injuries had a greater impact on fantasy teams than Super Bowl odds as the Giants (+30000) and Panthers (+30000) weren’t going anywhere with or without Saquon Barkey and Christian McCaffrey.

The same could be said about the Broncos (+15000) who will be without receiver Courtland Sutton for the season, as well as sophomore quarterback Drew Lock for the next couple weeks.


The Raiders (+4000) christened their new $2 billion stadium with a 34-24 upset of the Saints (+1200) on Monday Night Football. Now at 2-0, expect Las Vegas’ odds to jump into the +2500 range if they can defeat the Patriots this Sunday. Speaking of New England, their +2500 odds seem like a relative bargain considering Cam Newton looked to be in 2015 MVP form in the 35-30 loss to Seattle.

Meanwhile, New Orleans hosts 2-0 Green Bay (+1800) on Sunday Night Football. If Aaron Rodgers continues his renaissance and Drew Brees looks anywhere near as cooked as he did on MNF, the Packers and Saints might switch places on the board come next week.

After a miraculous comeback victory against Atlanta, the Cowboys (+1600) travel to Seattle next Sunday in what should be yet another high-scoring battle. Oddsmakers will also be keeping a close eye on the matchup between the 2-0 Bills (+1800) and the 2-0 Rams (+2500).

The game of the week of course is Kansas City (+500) at Baltimore (+500) on Monday Night Football as Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson give us the showdown many of us were expecting in last year’s AFC Championship Game.

Finally, consider placing a bet on the Texans (+10000) at BetOnline as their odds are sure to shorten if they can go on the road and defeat the 2-0 Steelers (+2000).

Everyone knows Bill O’Brien destroyed his team from the inside-out, but Houston couldn’t have had a tougher start to the season with contests against both KC and Baltimore.

Also, be sure to check back on Friday for our weekly game picks as we’re 7-1 against the spread this season.

Steve Starr

Steve is one of the many Americans who spends Sunday watching football on the couch and gorging on heart-clogging eats. He describes himself as a good father, great dog owner, and mediocre gambler and husband.

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