2022 NFL Draft Position Over/Under Picks

  • Every major sportsbook has 2022 NFL Draft Position Over/Unders on players expected to be selected in the first round
  • Malik Willis (10.5 o/u) could come off the board early but Kenny Pickett (12.5 o/u) is destined to freefall on Thursday night
  • The 2022 NFL Draft will take place from April 28-30 in Las Vegas, Nevada

In just a few days, Roger Goodell will be exchanging fist bumps and bear hugs with 32 of football’s top prospects. And we have you covered with our 2022 NFL Draft Betting Guide and the best nfl props, picks and predictions.

Today, we dive into the player draft position props, letting you know which prospects’ stocks are rising and falling up and down the boards of decision makers across the league. Let’s look at the odds:

NFL Draft Position

PlayerDraft PositionBetOnline
Ahmad GardnerUnder 5½-175
Over 5½+135
Andrew BoothOver 28½-135
Under 28½-105
Boye MafeOver 30½-120
Under 30½-120
Breece HallUnder 38½-140
Over 38½+100
Charles CrossOver 7½-135
Under 7½-105
Chris OlaveOver 16½-135
Under 16½-105
Daxton HillUnder 28½-130
Over 28½-110
Derek Stingley Jr.Under 9½-145
Over 9½+105
Desmond RidderOver 29½-125
Under 29½-115
Devin LloydOver 18½-120
Under 18½-120
Devonte WyattOver 27½-120
Under 27½-120
Kyler GordonOver 33½-120
Under 33½-120
Drake LondonOver 14½-120
Under 14½-120
Evan NealUnder 5½-125
Over 5½-115
Garrett WilsonOver 9½-120
Under 9½-120
George KarlaftisOver 20½-155
Under 20½+115
Ikem EkwonuOver 4½-130
Under 4½-110
Jahan DotsonUnder 32½-140
Over 32½+100
Jameson WilliamsOver 12½-130
Under 12½-110
Jermaine JohnsonOver 9½-150
Under 9½+110
Jordan DavisOver 15½-120
Under 15½-120
Kalir ElamUnder 33½-130
Over 33½-110
Kayvon ThibodeauxUnder 4½-175
Over 4½+135
Kenny PickettOver 12½-165
Under 12½+125
Kenyon GreeneUnder 27½-135
Over 27½-105
Kyle HamiltonOver 11½-140
Under 11½+100
Lewis CineOver 34½-120
Under 34½-120
Malik WillisOver 10½-125
Under 10½-115
Matt CorralOver 32½-140
Under 32½+100
Nakobe DeanUnder 30½-130
Over 30½-110
Quay WalkerUnder 39½-140
Over 39½+100
Travon WalkerUnder 3½-275
Over 3½+185
Trent McDuffieOver 16½-120
Under 16½
Trevor PenningUnder 16½-155
Over 16½+115
Treylon BurksOver 23½-130
Under 23½-110
Tyler LinderbaumOver 28½-130
Under 28½-110
Zion JohnsonOver 24½-120
Under 24½-120

Let’s start with the quarterbacks

Recent speculation has Malik Willis (o/u 10.5) and Kenny Pickett (o/u 12.5) waiting to be picked longer than expected with the juice favoring their OVERS at -125 and -165, respectively. However, with two quarterback-needy franchises, Carolina (No. 6) and Atlanta (No. 8), holding top-10 selections and a team like Pittsburgh (No. 20) primed to move up, we favor the UNDER (-115) on the dual-threat, cannon-armed Liberty QB.

Desmond Ridder under 29.5 at -115 is even a safer wager after the Bearcats signal-caller reportedly impressed executives in one-on-one interviews after killing it at the NFL Draft Combine. We also like Matt Corral over 32.5 at -140, but beware of the Seahawks moving into the later half of the first round for their Russell Wilson replacement.

The curious case of Kyle Hamilton

Kyle Hamilton is a top-five prospect on the boards of respective NFL Draft analysts such as Daniel Jeremiah, but the Notre Dame safety’s over/under has fallen from 6.5 to 8.5 to 11.5 in the past few months with the juice still to the over at -140.

Kayvon Thibodeaux had heavy action towards the over at 5.5 just a week ago, however, after news surfaced that both the Lions (No. 2) and Jets (No. 4) were interested, the Oregon edge rusher is now sitting at under 4.5 (-170).

Charles Cross was bet down from 6.5 to 7.5 with -135 on the OVER. The Mississippi State offensive lineman has been heavily mocked to both the Panthers (No. 6) and Giants (No. 5 and No. 7), so this could be a case where the winds blew bettors in the wrong direction.

Aidan Hutchinson1st Overall Pick
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Travon Walker1st Overall Pick
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Best over/under bets

If you’re just getting into NFL Draft Props this week, many of the juiciest money-making opportunities have already dried up, but here are some of the surest bets still on the board:

Andrew Booth (o28.5 at -135) has been riddled with injuries throughout his high-school and college career. NFL executives will pass on the Clemson corner. Meanwhile, defensive coordinators see Michigan safety Daxton Hill (u28.5 at -130) as a versatile chess piece that can be moved all over the board.

It’s easy to see why Georgia won the college football national championship with up to five defensive studs expected to go in the first round or early on day 2. With domestic violence concerns surrounding Devonte Wyatt (o27.5 at -120), we’ll take the OVER. However, we believe his defensive line partner, Jordan Davis (u15.5 at -120), will go higher than anticipated after the big fella dominated the combine like no one ever before him.

Nakobe Dean (o30.5 at -110) was a bonafide game wrecker for the Bulldogs, but linebacker is not a premium position and he’s on the small side. Instead, hammer the under on his teammate Quay Walker (u39.5 at -140), who many draft insiders believe will go ahead of Dean.

Quay Walker1st LB Selected
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