Prop bets for the 2021 Super Bowl National Anthem are some of the most fun bets you can find at online sports betting sites. In fact, it’s practically a sport in itself! You can make a variety of Super Bowl national anthem bets, including over/unders, straights, and parlays. 


People get really creative when it comes to Super Bowl betting. So it is no wonder that they have taken this iconic moment and turned it into a wagering opportunity. These types of Super Bowl props are a great way to have betting fun for sports fans and more casual viewers alike. 


Let’s take a look at some of the more common NFL Super Bowl Prop bets for the National Anthem. 


Odds for Super Bowl 2021 National Anthem Bets

Will Jazmine Sullivan or Eric Church Forget or Omit a Word from the National AnthemYes
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Will Jazmine Sullivan or Eric Church Forget or Omit a Word from the National AnthemNo
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Will Any Scoring Drive Take Less Time Than It Takes Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church to Sing the National Anthem? Yes
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Will Any Scoring Drive Take Less Time Than It Takes Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church to Sing the National Anthem? No
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Types of Super Bowl National Anthem Bets

Betting on the Super Bowl National Anthem is more than just one bet. It is a whole genre of over/unders and even a little bit of schadenfreude. While we wait for the announcement of Super Bowl LV’s national anthems singer, we can prepare by looking at Super Bowl national anthem odds from years past.


This should give you an idea of what types of bets to expect once they come out. 


50% up to $250
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Super Bowl National Anthem Over Under

When making an over/under bet for the Super Bowl National Anthem, you are guessing how long it will take the singer to go from “Oh say” to “the home of the brave.” Some singers put in more pizzazz and take their sweet time. Others have quicker styles. 


This is where it is helpful to do a bit of research. Get to know the singer. Have they sung previous National Anthems? How long did it take them? Do you think they will behave differently when performing at such a big event in from of so many live and television fans? 


Like all prop bets, the ones for the National Anthem at the Super Bowl have nothing to do with the outcome of the game or the final score. Either team could win by however many points, no matter what happens during the National Anthem. 


This is especially true for the Super Bowl National Anthem over/under. It is not even a sports-related prop. So it is pure fun and can include lots of friends and family members who are not in it for the sport. 


Last year Demi Lavato finished the National Anthem at one minute and 55 seconds. Looking at the chart, we can see that Under was the winning bet. 


How Long Will it Take Demi Lavato to Sing the National Anthem 

  • Over 2:01 -155
  • Under2:01 +115


Will They Miss a Word?

This Super Bowl National Anthem bet is a bit bittersweet. Because this is such a high stakes moment, it is classic that the singer chokes and forgets one of the words. With so many people watching, so many bright lights, and such silence as the world turns to listen, slipping up becomes common. 


If you are the type to revel in a bit of schadenfreude, bet on them missing a word. That way you can really soak up all the glory of their mistake, no matter how tiny. 

Will the Singer Omit a Word During the National Anthem?

  • Yes +900
  • No -3000

Other National Anthem Prop Bets

And that is not all the sportsbooks have offered on NFL Super Bowl National Anthem prop bets. You can also bet on how long the singer will hold the final word of the song “Brave.” They tend to extend that one out as the crowd goes wild. 


You could also bet on if any player will raise their fist during the National Anthem. This is a sign of the times, as it would not have been an active thought of most bookies just a few years ago. 


Whatever you do with the National Anthem, just remember to keep it fun! That’s the point of betting in general, and especially prop bets in particular. With all this information, you are ready to expand your betting profile at one of these reliable sportsbooks.



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