Who To Bet To Win 2022 NHL Stanley Cup Trophy

The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs begin on May 2. This is the time to start thinking about who to bet on to win the 2022 Stanley Cup title. If you need help in that regard, you need to read this! For free, we’re giving you our favorite bets to win the Cup. We believe this advice can score you money come June!


Let’s take a gander at the current Stanley Cup betting odds. While many teams have a betting line, the very best bookmakers have pegged the following eight teams with the very best odds at winning the championship at season’s end:

TeamBovadaBetUS Review
Colorado Avalanche4.504.50
Florida Panthers6.506.50
Calgary Flames10.0010.00
Tampa Bay Lightning11.0011.00
Toronto Maple Leafs11.0011.00
Carolina Hurricanes11.0011.00
Boston Bruins17.0017.00
Las Vegas Golden Knights19.0019.00

Best Bets To Win 2022 NHL Stanley Cup

We probably don’t need to remind you that playoff hockey in the NHL is wild. Really wild, in fact. Upsets are the norm and should be expected. Therefore, you’d be smart to NOT “put all your eggs in one basket” when making a bet to win the 2022 NHL Stanley Cup. You’d be better off with a multi-bet approach. It’s exactly what we’re doing and here are the teams earning bets from us:

Colorado Avalanche

Colorado draws a bet from us not because they have the top NHL betting odds at winning the Cup but rather, it’s because they have a clear path to the championship finals. Look at the Stanley Cup odds again. Notice something? How about that five of the seven teams with the best odds are ALL in the Eastern Conference. Out West, it’s only the Avalanche and Flames (and the Golden Knights are somewhat in the mix, but remain betting long shots). While whoever survives the East must go through a murder’s row first, the west winner will be less scathed in the Stanley Cup finals.

And Avalanche should be that Western Conference champion. They’ve been the best NHL team (along with the Panthers) from start to finish. Both those teams are currently tied with 55 wins on the season. If Colorado can create separation with Florida, it would mark the second straight season they’d win the President’s Trophy for the league’s best regular season.

Colorado will have the benefit of going into the postseason streaky-hot too. They barely ended a nine-game winning streak, but the team is firing on all cylinders at the right time. The team ranks second in goals scored (3.8 per game) and season-long goal-differential (+83). Honestly, it’s tough to find any warts on this roster. That, plus the relative weakness of the West, is where our betting confidence in the Avs comes from.

Colorado Avalancheto win the 2022 NHL Stanley Cup championship
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Florida Panthers

Honestly, every single thing we just said about the Avalanche — minus the easy path to the Stanley Cup — also applies to the Panthers. In fact, Florida might be even better on the ice. Remember how we said Colorado was second in goals and goal-differential? Welp, it’s the Panthers that are ahead of them in both categories with a 4.2 goal average and +101 differential. This team is absolutely stacked and has a 10-game win streak to show for it.

Though, the East is equally-stacked. And with the way the NHL playoffs work, Florida can be the best team and still get knocked out in the first two rounds. We’re going to throw a bet in the direction of the Panthers, but admittedly, it won’t be as big as the Avalanche money-wise. We’d proceed more carefully with our bankroll here given the dog-eat-dog world in the Eastern Conference.

Florida Panthersto win the 2022 NHL Stanley Cup
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Tampa Bay Lightning

For our final bet, we’re going to a familiar group of faces — the two-time, reigning Cup champions, the Lightning. Whereas the Avs and Panthers have a recent history of “choking” in the big moment, you can’t say the same about the defending champs. They’ve “been there, done that” before — which depending on your perspective, is either good or bad.

Good because no moment is too big for this group. But bad because, well, there’s natural complacency when you’ve already won it big not once but twice. Tampa Bay has been mostly good this year (46 wins) but have been hot-and-cold recently (5-5 record in past 10 games).

The key to the Lightning “flipping the switch” in the postseason will be getting Brayden Point going again. He has zero goals and just one point in his last seven games — a huge dropoff from a player of his caliber. Point led the playoffs in goal-scoring both championship seasons for Tampa and it’ll take that type of performance from Point again if the Lightning want to even think about three-peating. We’ll throw a bet on it saying it happens.

Tampa Bay Lightningto win the 2022 Stanley Cup
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How To Bet On 2022 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs?

Only two months are left before a Stanley Cup champion is crowned. If you want to capitalize on these gambling opportunities before the season is a goner, you’ll want to visit one of the popular betting sites for the Stanley Cup listed in the table underneath. Any one of these Canadian bookies will have every 2022 NHL Stanley Cup playoff bet you can think of — and at bettor-friendly prices too. Follow one of the links below to get situated cause there’s plenty of money to be made from now ‘til the Stanley Cup ends.




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