Early Odds on 2014 Stanley Cup Winner

After a stunning Game 6 victory in which the Chicago Blackhawks scored twice in the final minute and seventeen seconds to beat the Bruins for the Stanley cup, thoughts have already turned to predicting how NHL teams will fare in 2014.

hawks-cup-winnersWith the salary cap set to move even lower, and several offseason signings already on paper – not to mention the hirings and firings of a handful of coaches – it’s beginning to look like next season could be an interesting one. We thought we’d offer up some extremely early odds to help bettors and fans alike begin speculation on who is likely to win next year’s Stanley Cup Finals.


2014 NHL Stanley Cup Champion Odds

Pittsburgh Penguins      5/1

Chicago Blackhawks       6/1

St. Louis Blues                          8/1

Boston Bruins                  9/1

Detroit Red Wings          10/1

Vancouver Canucks       12/1

Anaheim Ducks                15/1

Los Angeles Kings           16/1

San Jose Sharks               16/1

New York Rangers          20/1

Montreal Canadiens      20/1

Washington Capitals      30/1

Ottawa Senators             30/1

Edmonton Oilers             30/1

Toronot Maple Leafs     30/1

New York Islanders        30/1

New Jersey Devils          30/1

Columbus Blue Jackets 40/1

Philadelphia Flyers         40/1

Carolina Hurricanes        40/1

Minnesota Wild               40/1

Tampa Bay Lightning      40/1

Winnipeg Jets                40/1

Nashville Predators        50/1

Dallas Stars                           50/1

Colorado Avalanche       50/1

Phoenix Coyotes             60/1

Buffalo Sabres                100/1

Florida Panthers              100/1

Calgary Flames               100/1

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