Updated NHL Futures – 2015 Stanley Cup and Awards Odds

Updated NHL Futures – 2015 Stanley Cup and Awards Odds


In the preseason, we gave you the futures for the 2015 Stanley Cup and various end-of-year NHL awards. About 15 games in, some things have played out as expected, others, not so much. Based on the season-to-date, we have updated the aforementioned futures. Below, we set out the still-too-early odds for each team to win the Stanley Cup, along with the odds for:

  • the Presidents’ Trophy (most points by a team)
  • the Rocket Richard Trophy (most goals by a player)
  • the Art Ross Trophy (most points by a player)
  • the Hart Trophy (most valuable player)
  • the Calder Trophy (rookie of the year) and
  • the first coach to be fired. (You’re not out of the woods yet, Randy Carlyle.)

The first number after each name is the current odds; the next number (in parentheses) is the pre-season odds, so you can see how your favorite team/player/coach is trending. (We all remember idolizing coaches as a kid, right? No? Was that just me? Whatever, Pat Burns was a heartthrob.)


Stanley Cup:

Chicago Blackhawks – 7/1 (13/2)

Anaheim Ducks – 8/1 (9/1)

Los Angeles Kings – 8/1 (no change)

Pittsburgh Penguins – 9/1 (10/1)

St Louis Blues – 10/1 (12/1)

Boston Bruins – 12/1 (10/1)

Tampa Bay Lightning – 15/1 (no change)

Minnesota Wild – 18/1 (14/1)

Montreal Canadiens – 18/1 (no change)

New York Rangers – 18/1 (20/1)

San Jose Sharks – 18/1 (14/1)

Detroit Red Wings – 22/1 (no change)

Dallas Stars – 25/1 (20/1)

Vancouver Canucks – 25/1 (33/1)

Nashville Predators – 30/1 (50/1)

New Jersey Devils – 33/1 (40/1)

Philadelphia Flyers – 33/1 (no change)

Colorado Avalanche – 35/1 (20/1)

New York Islanders – 35/1 (50/1)

Washington Capitals – 35/1 (33/1)

Ottawa Senators – 45/1 (66/1)

Toronto Maple Leafs – 45/1 (no change)

Columbus Blue Jackets – 50/1 (22/1)

Calgary Flames – 66/1 (100/1)

Winnipeg Jets – 66/1 (100/1)

Arizona Coyotes – 75/1 (66/1)

Florida Panthers – 75/1 (no change)

Carolina Hurricanes – 100/1 (no change)

Edmonton Oilers – 100/1 (no change)

Buffalo Sabres – 200/1 (100/1)


Presidents’ Trophy (most points by a team):

Anaheim Ducks – 5-1 (no change)

Pittsburgh Penguins – 5/1 (6/1)

Chicago Blackhawks – 6/1 (5/1)

Tampa Bay Lightning – 8/1 (10/1)

St. Louis Blues – 10/1 (not listed; Boston was formerly at 8/1 and are no longer in our top five)


Rocket Richard Trophy (most goals by a player):

Steven Stamkos (Tampa Bay) – 2/1 (no change)

Corey Perry (Anaheim) – 3/2 (4/1)

Alex Ovechkin (Washington) – 4/1 (2/1)

Rick Nash (NY Rangers) – 5/1 (8/1)

Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh) – 6/1 (5/1)

(Honorable mention to Vladimir Tarasenko, but he doesn’t quite crack the top five, yet. We seem to remember him getting off to a hot start last year, as well, before going goalless in eight straight. Not that we expect the same this year.)


Art Ross Trophy (most points by a player):

Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh) – 1/1 (no change)

Steven Stamkos (Tampa Bay) – 4/1 (5/2)

Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh) – 7/1 (10/1)

Alex Ovechkin (Washington) – 8/1 (6/1)

John Tavares (NY Islanders) – 7/1 (not listed; Tavares replaces Corey Perry on our list. Perry is sniping at an incredible pace, but is a good candidate for the Cy Young. Until someone else on the Ducks starts scoring with regularity, Perry is going to have a hard time keeping pace, points-wise.)

(Honorable mention to Jakub Voracek, who is off to a torrid start; but the 25-year-old Czech has never even hit the 65-point mark before. While he is likely to this year, we don’t seem him as a viable league-leader.)


Hart Trophy (MVP):

Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh) – 2/1 (no change)

Steven Stamkos (Tampa Bay) – 3/1 (4/1)

Alex Ovechkin (Washington) – 8/1 (6/1)

John Tavares (NY Islanders) – 9/1 (7/1)

Carey Price (Montreal Canadiens) – 9/1 (not listed; Price replaces Ryan Getzlaf on our list. While Getzlaf is putting up decent numbers, it’s Corey Perry who’s stealing the show in Anaheim. That said, between Perry, Getzlaf, and Ryan Kesler, we don’t see any Ducks being crucial enough, team-wise, to take home the Hart.)


Calder Trophy (rookie of the year):

Jonathan Drouin (Tampa Bay) – 3/1 (2/1)

Filip Forsberg (Nashville) – 3/1 (not listed)

Aaron Ekblad (Florida) – 5/1 (6/1)

Evgeny Kuznetsov (Washington) – 5/1 (2/1)

John Gibson (Anaheim) – 5/1 (3/1)

(Sam Reinhart falls off the list, for obvious reasons. Honorable mention to the Blues’ Jake Allen and the Capitals’ Andre Burakovsky. But we’re not sure Allen will get enough games – though the same applies to Gibson, now – and we still think Kuznetsov will make the bigger impact in Washington over the course of the year.)


First Coach Fired:

Randy Carlyle (Toronto) – 3/1 (5/2)

Dave Tippett (Arizona) – 3/1 (not listed)

Dallas Eakins (Edmonton) – 4/1 (no change)

Ted Nolan (Buffalo) – 5/1 (4/1)

Todd Richards (Columbus) – 5/1 (not listed; Philadelphia’s Craig Berube falls off the list, for which he can thank Jakub Voracek, as does Ottawa’s Paul MacLean.)


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