2022 Olympics: Best Bet To Win Pairs Free Skating Event

We’re almost at the finish line with the entire 2022 Winter Games in Beijing — but that doesn’t mean there’s not any more bets left. Several remain available, one of which being the pairs figure skating event, which offers plenty of betting value. Here’s a preview of the competition ahead, as well as our very own best bet to win the pairs skating event at the 2022 Olympics.

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s take a gander at the current Olympic betting odds, as set by the top-used online sportsbooks. The pairs featured below are currently favored the most to win the gold medal:


How Does Pairs Skating Work?

Unlike say snowboarding or ice hockey, figure skating flies more under the radar when it comes to winter sports. Many variations of skating exist — ice dance, team, short program — but one of our personal favorites is pairs. For those less familiar, here’s how pairs skating works: as the name suggests, this is a two-team event with one male and one female. With music blaring, the two glide down the ice and perform an in-sync routine together.

But the real fun part is the moves allowed, which in pairs skating involves throw jumps, twist lifts, and overhead lifts. You’re likely familiar with overhead lifts, which typically involve the male partner lifting the female over his head and at times, tossing her in the air in a rotative spin before catching her again — an insanely high-risk, high-reward maneuver on the hard ice. Pairs skating should not be confused with ice dancing, which bars many of the aforementioned risky moves from being performed.

The oldest sport in the Winter Olympic program is actually ice skating, which was introduced in 1908. That same year pairs skating was a thing and has been a staple since then. The only difference from now and then? The ice maneuvers between the partners have become more and more daring as the years have gone by — which makes this competition all the more exciting to watch and bet on.

2022 Olympic Pairs Skating Betting Pick

If you saw the current betting lines mentioned in the beginning, you know oddsmakers are split between two pairs in the gold medal race — one from ROC, another from China. They’re each co-favorites at +150, while the next-best duo is a distant +500 to win it all. Picking between the two favorites was at the crux of our Olympic pairs skating betting pick, as well.

On one hand, you have the ROC pair of Mishina/Galliamov. While the ROC skate team is embroiled in drama related to Kamila Valieva’s doping allegations, the duo will skate on, just as they have since 2019. In the three years of being a team, they’ve collected a multitude of accolades — including golds in the 2022 European Championship and 2021 World Championship. The other co-favorites, China’s Sui/Han, took home the silver medal at this same event four years ago at the Pyeongchang Olympics. It’s one of the biggest performances in the duo’s 10-plus year history together.

Neither of the two pairs is a bad betting choice, however, we’re siding with Sui/Han, who have the benefit of being on their home ice. Besides the familiarity of being in China, they also win out in experience too. It worries us slightly that Mishina/Galliamov have never taken the Olympics together, perhaps the pressure gets to them ever so slightly? We’ll see, but we’re confidently back Sui/Han to take gold here.

Sui Wenjing and Han Congto win gold medal in pairs skating at 2022 Olympics
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How To Watch Pairs Skating at 2022 Olympics?

Circle Saturday, February 19 on your calendars right now because that’s when you can watch the pairs free skating event go down at the 2022 Olympics.  But admittedly, you’ll need to wake up early to watch the action because it’s not being broadcast until 6 am EST. The live coverage will air on NBC’s main channel — not “sister” networks like USA or CNBC. For those that prefer streaming, you can use the Peacock app to catch the event. Peacock will also air replays in case you want to avoid the early wake-up call entirely (we don’t blame you if so) and re-watch pairs skating at your own convenience.

How To Bet On 2022 Olympics?

Pairs skating is one of your last chances at betting on the 2022 Olympics because the closing ceremony is the next day on February 20. To place bets on Olympics 2022 in Beijing before it’s too late, visit one of the bookmakers we’ve listed underneath. They have all Olympic odds under one roof — and at industry-leading prices too.

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