2022 Olympics: Women’s Curling Betting Picks

Ten different countries are vying for Olympic gold in women’s curling. While several countries could warrant a bet, we’re telling you which nations deserve your betting money MOST in this article! Keep reading to get free betting picks for women’s curling at the 2022 Olympics.

Before we go further, let’s take a glance at the current betting odds available at the best online sportsbooks. At the moment, these countries have the best chances of winning gold in Beijing:

Great Britain+350+350
South Korea+1400+1400

2022 Olympics: Women’s Curling Betting Picks

Before making our women’s curling betting picks, let’s quickly break down how the gold medal will even be decided. All 10 teams will play one another in a red-robbin round. At the conclusion of this stage, the four teams with the most points will advance to the knockout stage. From here, those nations play a quick elimination tournament that’ll decide who earns gold, silver, and bronze.

As for our picks, we’re wagering on two different countries. At these relatively steep odds, that’s completely doable. So long as one of those choices wins gold, you’ll still profit money. Yes, this two-bet approach does cut into the profit but it also increases the chances of being paid out to begin with. If you’re a risky bettor, then by all means “put all your eggs in one basket.” Us, though? We just want to get paid hence our two-team strategy. Here’s who we think are most worth backing:


This is the most obvious bet to make in women’s curling and contrary to popular belief, obviously doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a “bad” bet. It’s the obvious choice because no country has dominated the women’s game more than Sweden. Among the six times, this event has been a part of the Olympics (since 1998), the Swedes have captured three gold medals (and another silver and bronze). The only other country that comes close to Sweden’s success is Canada (two golds, one silver, and two bronze).

Sweden are also the reigning Olympic champions and guess what? That gold-medal-winning roster from 2018 is ALL back for the Beijing Games. At +225, betting value remains on the favorites. Pairing Sweden with the country below makes for a great one-two betting punch.

Swedento win women's curling gold medal at the 2022 Olympics
Bet now

Great Britain

Here’s why we’re betting on Great Britain — Eve Muirhead appears to be 100 percent. The Scottish curler is competing in her fourth Olympics now. A hip surgery right after the 2018 Games set her back for a few years, but that appears to be a distant memory now. In this past fall’s European Championship, Muirhead looked to be in top form again. Muirhead at 100 percent is a scary sight for the entire betting field.

Let’s say you put $100 on both Britain and Sweden. With these current betting picks, you’d profit $125 if the Swedes repeat as gold medalists. However, if Britain pulls off the minor upset, profit shoots up to $250 instead. Like we said before, there’s money to be made even if you split your bets apart.

Great Britainto win women's curling gold medal at the 2022 Olympics
Bet now

How To Watch Women Curling At The 2022 Olympics?

If you’re in the United States, the only place to watch women’s curling (or any other event) at the 2022 Olympics is via NBC or one of its networks (USA or CNBC). These networks are splitting coverage of the litany of events going on in Beijing. For those without a traditional TV set up (cable or satellite), you can also stream the Games. This can be done through the NBC Peacock or fuboTV apps.

When it comes to women’s curling specifically, the group stage begins on February 10. This will go on until February 18 when the two semi-finals games go down. The winners of each will meet on February 20 to decide the gold medal champion. TV times will vary, but due to the time-zone differences in the US and China, the games are most likely going to be on tape delay. So if you want to avoid being spoiled, maybe don’t check Twitter or another sports news site.

How To Bet On Women Curling At The 2022 Olympics?

If you’ve read this far, you’re officially caught up on women’s curling at the Games. All that’s left is for you to bet on curling at the 2022 Olympics. To do just that, you’ll want to visit one of the betting sites underneath. Any one of these sites will have up-to-date odds on women’s curling — or any other Olympic event for that matter. It’s a one-stop shop for betting on the Winter Games!

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