2024 US Presidential Election Betting Picks: Dark Horses and Longshots

Donald Trump once again captured the headlines this week after he emerged as the betting favorite to reclaim the White House in 2024 on the politics odds at both BetOnline and BetUS. The former US president consistently trailed at the sportsbooks since his loss to Joe Biden in last year’s election before making gains during his return to the spotlight this past summer. Speculation over who will be the next American president has largely focused on Trump, Biden, and current vice president Kamala Harris. However, with Biden and Trump now both well into their 70s, and Harris struggling to gain traction on approval ratings, the time is right to search for value further down the odds to win the 2024 US presidential election.

MyTopSportsbooks takes a look at the rising stars, dark horses, and longshots on the US election futures that may be worthy of a value wager as the race for the White House starts to heat up. Sports bettors getting in on politics betting action for the first time should refer to our politics betting guide for tips on how to hone their betting strategies.

2024 US Presidential Election OddsBetOnlineBovadaBetUSMyBookie
Joe Biden+350+450+375+350
Donald Trump+350+500+300+700
Kamala Harris+450+400+500+400
Ron DeSantis+900+900+1000+1000
Nikki Haley+1600+2000+1200+1200
Pete Buttigieg+1600+4000+2500+4000
Mike Pence+2000+2500n/a+1600
Elizabeth Warren+2500+4000+5000+5000
Tuckler Carlson+3300n/an/a+2500
Kristi Noem+4000+5000n/a+5000
Mike Pompeo+4000+5000n/a+4000
Andrew Yang+5000+6600+10000+6000
Mark Cuban+5000+5000+8000n/a
Amy Klobuchar+5000+5000+5000+5000
Ted Cruz+5000+4000+5000+3000
Tom Cotton+5000+5000+8000+5000
Marco Rubio+5000n/an/a+5000
Ivanka Trump+6000n/a+3000+2500
Liz Cheney+6000n/an/an/a
Tulsi Gabbard+20000+8000+7000+6000

Biden Enduring a Tough First year in the White House

It has been far from smooth sailing for Joe Biden during his first year in the White House. The 46th president of the United States has been faced with a series of crises since taking the reins of power, including the ongoing struggle to get past the COVID-19 pandemic, a flood of migrants crossing the nation’s southern border, and the US military’s poorly executed withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In addition to devastating his approval numbers, the series of crises have breathed new life into the Republican Party’s hopes to establish majorities in the House of Representatives and US Senate in next year’s midterm elections. Biden’s struggles have also boosted the odds of a Republican challenger winning the 2024 US presidential election.

Trump on the Rise, But for How Long?

The immediate beneficiary of these shifting political winds is Donald Trump, who now sits atop the US presidential election odds at BetUS as a +300 favorite. Trump has ramped into full campaign mode since returning to the spotlight earlier this year, and continues to enjoy strong support on recent straw polls. However, he also remains a profoundly divisive figure in US politics, and will be 78 years-old when Election Day rolls around in 2024.

So, who offers the best betting value among Republicans not named Trump on the 2024 US Presidential election odds? Sports bettors need to look no further than Ron DeSantis, who currently leads the best of the rest with odds as short as +900 at Bovada.

DeSantis a Rising Star

The Florida governor has significantly raised his profile since the start of the pandemic by bucking the trends towards lockdowns and vaccine and mask mandates, returning the southern state to business as usual. DeSantis’ strategy has not come without costs.

Florida has reportedly suffered over 54,000 deaths from COVID-19 during the pandemic, a statistic that could threaten both DeSantis’ chance of re-election next year and his future presidential ambitions. Despite those challenges, he continues to offer the best value for sports bettors seeking alternatives to Biden, Trump, and Harris.

Ron DeSantisWho will win the 2024 US Presidential election?
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Carlson Gaining a Following

Among Republican longshots, Tucker Carlson offers intriguing value as a +3300 wager at BetOnline. Carlson has built a massive following that has made the FoxNews personality the most watched primetime political commentator. And while Carlson has not publicly expressed any political ambitions, he has caught the attention of political opponents, who have verbally attacked him both on social media and in person.

The 52-year-old’s position as a political outsider could also gives him the same type of lift among voters that Trump enjoyed in 2016. However, as a political novice, it remains to be seen whether Carlson’s television appeal could extend to the political arena.

Andrew YangWho will win the 2024 US Presidential election?
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Yang Positioning for Third Party Run

Outsiders also lead the way among Democratic Party hopefuls eyeing a presidential run in 2024. Not surprisingly, Kamala Harris remains neck-and-neck with Biden on the odds to claim the Democratic nomination, joining the current president as a +130 co-favorite at Bovada. However, Harris and Biden’s growing unpopularity has opened the door to challengers on the left. One notable dark horse to watch is Andrew Yang. The son of Taiwanese immigrants, Yang ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic Party nomination in 2020, withdrawing from the race following a poor showing in the New Hampshire primary. However, the 46-year-old has firmly established himself as a political outsider with his plans to launch a third party, and sports attractive +10000 odds on the political futures at BetUS.

According to Yang, the Forward Party’s key principles include ranked-choice voting, open primaries, human-centered capitalism and universal basic income. And while third party candidates have struggled to gain traction with voters in recent decades, Yang’s efforts to attract young, progressive voters by forming a party that is focused on rebuilding trust in the political process could pay surprising dividends over the next three years.

Don’t Count Out Cuban

Of course, it is always premature to count out billionaire Mark Cuban, who is listed as a +5000 wager at Bovada. The colorful owner of the Dallas Mavericks elected to stay out of the 2020 race, but has stated that he is open to running in 2024 if he comes to the conclusion that he is the “right person” for the job. That equivocation has kept Cuban’s odds long, but worthy of consideration as an early value bet.

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