Politics Props: Exit Dates for Biden and Putin

  • U.S. President Joe Biden is favored to leave office in the year 2025 (-225)
  • The next United States presidential election is November 5, 2024 but the winner will not be inaugurated until January 20, 2025.
  • Vladimir Putin is expected to remain as the President of Russia until 2026 or later (+130)

With the fledgling invasion of Ukraine into its fourth month and rumors swirling that Vladimir Putin is undergoing treatment for cancer, one might assume the Russian leader will lose his grip on power before U.S. President Joe Biden leaves office. However, oddsmakers disagree.

Let’s examine the Politics Props on the Exit Dates for both men. But, before we do, check out our wagers on who will run for U.S. President in 2024 and view all our Politics betting sites recommendations.

Joe Biden Exit Date

Biden Exit DateBetOnline
Not Before 2026+400

Biden not expected to be re-elected

Joe Biden has certainly had his hands full as the 46th president of the United States. He’s united Europe and NATA, imposed tough sanctions against Russia, seized superyachts from oligarchs, and sent billions of dollars in aid and weapons to Ukraine. The 79-year-old also took a refreshingly tough tone against China, warning that the US would respond militarily if Taiwan was attacked.

The U.S. has more or less reclaimed it’s role as the world’s cop – but all this can change if Biden loses the 2024 U.S. Presidential election and is replaced on January 20, 2025.

Oddsmakers currently favor Donald Trump Sr. (+250) to win back the presidency, and therefore have the year 2025 (-225) as Biden’s most probable exit date. If you believe the soon-to-be octogenarian is poised to win a second-term, however, you can choose “Not Before 2026” as his exit date at +400. This provides a better return on your investment than betting on Biden to get re-elected in 2024 (+300).

You can also bet the year 2022 (+500) or 2023 (+550) if you think the Scranton, Pennsylvania native will suffer a health scare or turn his oval office over to Vice President Kamala Harris. 2024 (+1400) is viewed as a long shot as it’s unlikely the Democrats change horses in midstream with the November election looming. 

2025Joe Biden Exit Date
Bet now
Not Before 2026Joe Biden Exit Date
Bet now

Vladimir Putin Exit Date

Putin Exit DateBetOnline
2026 or Later+130

Cancer cells invading Putin?

Usually, it would be a fool’s errand to wager on a dictator losing power. But, according to a recent U.S. intelligence report, Vladimir Putin underwent treatment for advanced cancer in April and there was apparently an assassination attempt on his life in March.

The ruthless autocrat is still favored to stay in power until 2026 or Later (+130). Yet, with mounting video evidence of sickness (Putin gripping a table in discomfort, making twitchy hand gestures and limping during Russia’s Victory Day parade), 2022 (+240) and 2023 (+350) are priced as possible exit dates.

In putting the longest odds on 2024 (+600) and 2025 (+800), oddsmakers seem to be saying, “if cancer doesn’t kill Putin in the next year, he’s definitely ruling to 2026 and beyond.”

Joe Biden recently said the U.S. would not try to oust the Russian dictator from power because of his invasion of Ukraine. So, assuming the United States or their allies are not attacked, a bettor would need to bank on cancer or a Kremlin coup to wager anything other than Putin lasting to 2026 or later.

Betting on someone’s death, even that of a dictator, seems both wrong and entertaining at the same time, so it’s your call.

2026 or LaterVladimir Putin Exit Date
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