Bet These Two Candidates To Face Off In 2024 US Presidential Election

It feels like the 2020 US Presidential election just happened, however, the 2024 one will be here sooner than you think. Looming primaries in the Republican party will dominate the 2023 news cycle so we wanted to get ahead and make our 2024 presidential election predictions — as in the exact matchup. We’re confident our pick will have you cashing out come 2024.

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s take a closer look at the presidential matchup odds. These are already available at the top-used politics betting sites (and will likely swing the rest of the year). Still, these matchups are most favored to determine the 2024 President:

MatchupBovadaMyBookie ReviewGTBets Review
Trump Sr. v Biden+200+200+200
DeSantis v Biden+250+250+250
Trump Sr. v Harris+950+950+950
DeSantis v Harris+1000+1000+1000
Haley v Biden+1300+1300+1300
Trump Sr. v Newsom+1500+1500+1500
DeSantis. v Newsom+1500+1500+1500

Best Pick To Be 2024 US Presidential Matchup

As you can see from the list of betting options, there are a lot of different possibilities here. Unless you want to split hairs, perhaps the best way to choose the 2024 US presidential matchup bet is to analyze each ticket — the Democratic and Republican. See who has the best chance to come out on top, respectively, then bet on the matchup from there. Let’s start with the incumbent party:

2024 Democratic Party Betting Pick

Joe Biden is fresh off his state of the union address and based on what he said, it’s the start of his 2024 campaign. The sitting President touted a strong economy. Inflation is down, the unemployment rate is at historic lows, and asset prices have finally stabilized after a downturn in 2022. You could argue the economic outlook is “spun” — which we guarantee the Republicans will do— but things do appear less dire than most of 2022 (for now).

Biden’s approval ratings have also been on the incline since November. This coincides with the Democrats stopping the “red wave” that was largely expected during the 2022 midterms. It never materialized, which boosted Biden. Even a recent controversy with classified documents did little to stop Biden’s ascent in the approval ratings.

Honestly, we’d be shocked if Biden doesn’t get on the Democratic ticket again in 2024. There’s not a lot of precedent for sitting presidents not to get it, so long as they’re willing to. And it’s not like the Blue party is swarming with good candidates to unseat him. The likes of Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Gavin Newsom have cooled off. So bet with Biden in mind to represent the Democrats. Barring a health crisis — which is plausible at his 80 years of age — there’s simply no other option on the Democratic side.

2024 Republican Party Betting Pick

The path to 2024 on the GOP is much more competitive. There’s actually a decent mix of names that are throwing their name in the hat — Nikki Haley (official), Mike Pence (not official but expected), Ron DeSantis (expected), and yes, Donald Trump (official). Surely, more candidates will join the fray, but the point is: one of these candidates will have to separate themselves from the pack.

But let’s also be realistic here and say, Trump and DeSantis are the clear front-runners. One has already won the presidency and the other had a blowout performance in the governor election in November. One of the two is coming out on top, and anything else would be a complete stunner.

So who has the edge — DeSantis or Trump? Polling data doesn’t show anyone with a particular advantage. Some polls cite Trump as the favorite, others DeSantis. The takeaway? The polls can’t be trusted, especially not after misfiring during the midterm season so badly.

Being as both DeSantis and Trump are in the same party, you also can’t pick apart their policies. The two agree on more issues than not. Even then, the majority of voters bet with their hearts — not minds. And by that, we mean likability factor determines elections more than anything else.

The GOP ticket will be won and lost on the debate stage, simple as that. We already know this is where Trump shines — as he did in 2016 when he bulldozed candidates like “Low Energy” Jeb Bush and “Little” Marco Rubio. The jury remains out on how DeSantis would handle similar remarks. But we have a hard time picturing the more tempered DeSantis being more charismatic than Trump under the lights. Trump’s larger-than-life personality is tough for anyone to beat.

As you can guess, our inclination is to bet Trump to beat DeSantis. And in that event, it then becomes Biden vs. Trump part II. We’re jumping on that matchup bet right now while it’s still plus money.

Biden vs. Trump be 2024 US Presidential matchup
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How To Bet On US Presidential Election

The outcome above is not the only US presidential election bet available right now. No, there are even more political moneyline odds on the table, including VP predictions and which candidate wins in 2024 outright. To see the full list, hit one of the bookmakers listed below. Featured bookies ranked high in our newest sportsbook review section so your money is in good hands no matter where you go.




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