Bet On Next US Politician To Get Caught With Classified Docs

The subject of classified documents has been under a microscope over the past few months. The attention has been so high that even top political betting sites are offering odds on the next US politician to get caught with classified documents in their possession. And honestly, it’s a bet worth making right now. We have free advice on the special bet if you keep on reading.

But first, let’s take a look at those odds. We have to preface this bet as it’s exclusively for former US presidents and vice presidents — not your everyday politician. Among the remaining living politicians (who haven’t been caught red-handed already), here’s how the odds shake out:

PoliticianBovadaMyBookie ReviewBetUS Review
Bill Clinton+220+220+220
Dick Cheney+220+220+220
Barrack Obama+350+350+350
George W. Bush+400+400+400
Al Gore+1100+1100+1100
Dan Quayle+1100+1100+1100

Why Is Having Classified Documents Even Important?

It all started with Donald Trump (it seemingly always starts with him, doesn’t it?). Back in August, his private residence at Mar-a-Lago was searched tooth and nail by the FBI. What were the feds looking for? Classified documents that were taken while he was the President. The FBI found multiple, which put a public spotlight on the importance of having classic documents in private possession. Earlier this year, current President Joe Biden and Trump’s BP, Mike Pence, were found to have done the same mistake.

So what’s the issue here? Why should everyday Americans, or even bettors care about this? The government believes certain information is “classified” material, meaning it’s sensitive enough that the release of the info could be a national security issue. Once a document is said to be classified, it can further fit into three levels — confidential, secret, and top secret.

The kinds of documents that usually are classified involve foreign relations, intelligence activities, military plans, and so forth. Documents said to have been found in Trump’s raid included nuclear weapon activity. So as you can see, this could be a national security issue in a hurry in the wrong possession, hence the focus on tracking down mishandled information.

If Biden, Pence, and Trump were all swiftly found to have done it, the consensus now appears to be, “welp, looks like all politicians do it in some form or another.” We have a tough time disagreeing with that belief, which makes this next bet so much more interesting.

Best Bet To Be Next Politician With Classified Documents

The way we look at it, there’s really only one bet to make here. While we think every politician is probably guilty of wrongfully owning classified docs, it only makes sense to target one of em — Obama. Yes, Obama is the bet to make here, and we’re stunned he’s not the betting favorite actually.

Everything is political, right? Very few things are done these days without thinking of the grander optics of how it’ll be perceived by the politics-loving crowd and national media. That’s the main reason why Trump was probably targeted first. There’s a lot to gain on the Democratic side if he’s caught red-handed and indicted. Mainly, Trump’s chances of presidential re-election in 2024 get lowered.

Answer me, what do the Democrats have to gain from finding Bush with documents? Just about nothing. Bush is one of the rare cases where Democrats and Republicans are in alignment with about his presidential performance (not good in their eyes). There’s no need to change anyone’s mind on anything — little less his VP Cheney. So that’s why we’re tossing the two out of the betting equation.

This leaves us with really only two good betting options — Clinton or Obama. Both are much more in the public eye than Bush is nowadays. But make no mistake about it, Obama is the “golden goose” in the eyes of the Republican Party. Obama’s shadow looms large over the Democratic Party and the opposing GOP would love nothing more than hurt his legacy, which has cascading effects on current politicians.

For what it’s worth, Obama (and Clinton too) said he turned over all classified materials to the National Archives at the end of his presidency. Do you really believe that? Not one document slipped by? We’re betting one did, maybe not even maliciously but just by accident. We’d jump on this bet sooner rather than later because the GOP wants to re-take the Oval Office and needs all the ammunition it can get right now.

Barrack Obamato be next US politician caught with classified documents
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How To Bet On US Politics?

There’s an array of US political bets you can make right now beyond just classified documents. There are also futures wagers on who becomes the 2024 US Presidential candidates and winner. To get a full list of odds on US affairs, visit one of the trusted online sportsbooks listed below. Any one of them can serve as your one-stop shop for betting.

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