U.K. Politics Picks: Next Labour and Conservative Party Leaders

  • Elizabeth Truss (+300) is favored to become the next leader of the Conservative Party
  • British politician Andy Burnham (+400) is viewed as the frontrunner to take over the Labour Party
  • The next general election in the United Kingdom is formally set for Thursday, May 2nd, 2024

With “Partygate” out of the headlines, Boris Johnson made a surprise visit to Ukraine’s capital to meet President Volodymyr Zelensky this week. A skeptic would suggest the show of solidarity is yet another indication that the current UK Prime Minister plans on running for another term in two years.

However, with plenty of time for another scandal to engulf the Western world’s goofiest-looking leader between now and May 2024, let’s look at the odds at who could replace him at the top of the Conservative Party before making our best guess at the next Labour Party leader.

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Next Conservative Party Leader

Elizabeth Truss+300
Rishi Sunak+500
Penny Mordaunt+550
Jeremy Hunt+700
Tom Tugendhat+700
Ben Wallace+800
Michael Gove+1200
Sajid Javid+1600

Truss favored to lead U.K. Conservatives

British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss (+300) is the current favorite to succeed Boris Johnson as the Conservative Party leader. A Member of Parliament since 2010, the 46-year-old was in India last week as part of a diplomatic push following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. She also made a high-profile outing at the G7 meeting in December and was seemingly not in attendance at any of the scandalous Whitehall Christmas parties.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak (+500), another frontrunner to replace Johnson, is facing a controversy of his own after not publicly declaring his connection to his wife’s family firm Infosys (said to be worth more than $100 billion). While his job as chancellor looks to be safe, his leader-in-waiting status is likely all but destroyed.

Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt (+550), Foreign Affairs Committee chair Tom Tugendhat (+700) and the man who came a distant second to Johnson in the last leadership contest, Jeremy Hunt (+700), are other potential candidates. But, the smart money is on the prime minister running again with news that Johnson will launch a two-year election campaign in May.

Elizabeth TrussNext Conservative Leader
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Penny MordauntNext Conservative Leader
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Next Labour Party Leader

Andy Burnham+400
Angela Rayner+600
Rachel Reeves+600
Wes Streeting+600
Lisa Nandy+800
Yvette Cooper+1000
David Lammy+1200
Bridget Phillipson+2000

Burnham to oust Starmer?

Despite all the negative press from Partygate, Labour is barely ahead of the Conservatives at the polls and the party has seen a sizable drop in members since Keir Starmer has shifted the party right. Back in October, Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham (+400) told the BBC that he supports Starmer, and that he’s not going after his job. However, there continue to be grumblings about the former health secretary positioning himself as an alternative to Labour’s current leader.

Angela Rayner (+600) is also in the mix. The Labour Party Deputy Leader knows her way around social media, recently lampooning Sunak on Twitter about the chancellor’s current crisis.

“The leaking of any member of the public’s tax affairs is of course very serious, but he might just want to ask next door?”

Andy BurnhamNext Labour Party Leader
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